Mercury in 12th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Mercury in twelfth house , budh in 12th bhava

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Mercury in 12th house | budh in 12th bhava | Mercury in twelfth house

The planet Mercury is one of the auspicious planetary placements in the horoscope chart as it brings most of the goodness in human life. The arrival of Mercury in 12th house would bring a very significant presence of the emotional side in the approach toward life and there will be some what difficult balance in between the expenditure & income of these natives.

The natives of this placement having Mercury in 12th house do carry a part of their intellect in their thoughts but most of their decisions gets impacted from their emotional blend for which their path could have some fluctuations at times. They are quiet reserved with their inner beliefs and would rarely share their ideas as they are shy enough to express and converse in the public. Their inner conflict between emotions and logic could make things appear complex at times. Those born in this placement of Mercury in twelfth house are curious to learn but would find their path quiet harsh and would require to give a lot for growing ahead which could further make them quiet weak from mental composure and self belief. The natives of this placement are advised to follow their mature and practical vision to stay safe and strong in this path as their inner bewilderment could lead them towards wrong decisions and harmed by untrue people. They could be quite irritating at times and could behave stubborn at unreasonable aspects.

The presence of Mercury in 12th house would cause much mental fluctuations to the person and that could be till the extent of loosing sleep and lack of peace in mind. These natives would be quiet prone to headache and worries. The placement of Saturn here along with the Mercury in twelfth house would improve the results of this house besides which if Mercury & Sun would also get placed here than the outcome would be truly positive of this combination. The daughters, sisters, father's sister and niece of the native would be adversely affected and would remain unhappy till the time they would live in the native's house. These natives having Budh in twelfth bhava should not get married in the 25th year of their birth as that will harm the wife as well as father of the person and they should stay away from speculation. The natives of this placement should wear a ring of stainless steel and should always put a tikal of Kesar over head and should keep visiting the sacred places and stay involved in religious aspects. They should throw an empty pitcher in the river and should always consult other wiser & trusted people before approaching any new direction and taking any new prospect.

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