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Planets in different zodiacs-Part 2

Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu in Variant Zodiacs


Saturn or lord Shani is one of the malefic planets in Vedic astrology. Lord Shani is considered as a stern teacher who create difficulties and obstruction during it's period to break the pride and ego of the person and show him the path of truth. During it's period. Lord Shani put the person under high pressure and test the person sometimes to the extremes. The period of Saturn makes the person work hard, increase his level of patience, endurance and resolve.

Planet Saturn has been given the role of Judge in astrology. Lord Shani provides the results of person's own 'karmas'. The result of Saturn in it's period depends on it's placement in the birth chart . A well placed Saturn provides good career, wealth, high designation, land, property and happiness to the person. On the other side, a ill placed Saturn brings much hurdles, breaks , poverty and failures. For Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant, Saturn is a Karaka planets and generally brings good results to these natives. Here in this section, we would present the results of placement of Saturn in different zodiacs


Venus is the the one of the four natural benefic planets in Vedic astrology. Venus represent luxuries, beauty, arts, love, romance, acting, music, wealth, dance, females, comfort, fame, diplomacy, softness, sensuality and sex. Venus makes the person more inclined towards material comfort and success. A well placed Venus provides all worldly comforts to the native during it's dasha or aantardasha.periods. An ill placed Venus makes the person devoid of wealth, pleasure comfort and material success. Venus is a karaka planet for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant natives. Here in this section, we would present the results of placement of Venus in different zodiacs :


Rahu is a shadow planet considered malefic in Vedic astrology. Rahu is also called dragon's head. It is a representation of the north node of Moon in Vedic astrology. Rahu represents diplomacy, treacheries, gambling, betting , speculations, .conspiracies, mysteries, worldly desires, lottery, mining , petroleum, poison, chemicals and sudden success without much efforts from the natives. A well placed Rahu can confer great success in a very quick manner to the native. It can make the native powerful, wealthy, well -connected in society, lucky in speculations, betting and gambling. The success provided by the Rahu is always very quick. An ill-placed Rahu would create much hurdles, breaks, mental tensions, poverty and loss of prestige and honor. Here in this section, we would present the results of placement of Rahu in different zodiacs :


Ketu is shadow planet termed malefic in Vedic astrology. Ketu is also called dragon's tail. It is a representation of Moon's south node. Ketu represents spirituality, detachment from materialistic world, intelligence, wisdom, meditation and nirvana. For worldly attainments, ketu is a malefic since it cause losses, hurdles and breaks in material success. But on the other hand, for the spiritually inclined people, Ketu is the supreme provider of the spiritual advancements and for them it could be considered as benefic planet. :

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