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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most accurate.

“Born as trivial structures upon soil…. explored their divine sparkle….have become the most precious assets of land…!!”

When we are going through the ‘Science of Astrology’, Gemstones resides as a significant aspect their as it impacts the astrological life of mortals at a larger extent. These glittering Gemstones spread brightness on land and wipes out the darkness from all wandering lives on land on account of their mysterious and lurked relation with the revolving bodies in the sky. The Vedic astrology prescribes different types of gemstone as a remedy or a cure from the ancient times based on the configurations of planets in the horoscope of a person.

Human in his life may face many difficulties and problems. These difficulties and hurdles are many times caused by the ill placement of a planet or planets in his birth chart. The potential malefic planets in one’s horoscope can make the life of a person full of miseries and hurdles. After studying the horoscope , Gemstone which is related to that particular malefic planet could be prescribed. This gemstone will give quite relief to the native from the potential malefic, if worn in suitable finger and by using the prescribed method.

Sometimes, there is another case in anybody’s horoscope which causes problems. The potential benefic planets present are weak in strength so they are not able to give the good impacts with the full power. To increase the power of the potential benefic planets, Gemstones are used.

It is very important to understand the significance of a gemstones , it’s features and knowledge of the planet which rules that particular gemstone. In a horoscope, the 9 planets placed in 12 houses of your birth chart impact various aspects of your life in a positive or negative way. If Somebody is currently having a problem in profession, then the planets which are impacting the profession in birth chart should be considered and after the close study, gemstone should be prescribed which will enhance the positive impacts for the profession of that person. If somebody wear a gemstone without considering these factor and using the right method to wear, gemstone may cause the reverse and undesirable results

Scientific reflection of Gemstones

In the scientific reflection of the portrait, these gems beads are made up of different chemical substances and group of elements and possess different physical properties, so on radiate different energies of different frequencies resulting as in changes in the lives of mortals. These gems are born out of variant happenings in earth and complex chemical reaction, on account of which they carry higher chemical combinations.

They are believed to enhance the benefic effects of different planets in variant ways like by adding cosmic color to the soul of the wearer, by strengthening some specific aspects of life and by bestowing the attention and blessings of deities. But these effects differs even among the most significant nine planets with their variant impacts and domination upon certain planetary malefic effects.

Why wear a gemstone only after consulting an Astrologer

With so many positive colors of divine gems, it also possess a darker side making us concern about its adoption as approaching a wrong gem could result in worst conditions of the wearer. Because of this, it becomes an important aspect while going through this mysterious story to see the pages explaining the methods of approaching gemstones. In basic view, it could be adopted as per the zodiac sign, or according to the birth constellation, or on behalf of lagna / Rising sun, or as planetary gem which means to be depending upon the attraction or influence of a stone on the wearer without any harm and the most trusted way of adoption depends upon the prescription of an Astrologer, as he would advice it upon the complete study of the horoscope of a particular person as which stones would seem to be the most beneficial.

At last, Gemstones are the essential part of Astrology, works by side of soothsaying of astrologers upon their studies of horoscopes as for defending the presumed malefic effects of certain planets and becomes the shield of protection from approaching hindrances and this whole acts upon their divine potent reflection recalling as paradisiacal blessings on mortal land.

How to wear it - Necklace, beads, Ring, Pendants, jewelry

Gemstones are worn in many ways from ancient times. Some of them were the integral part of jewelry and ornaments from a long period of time. But wearing a gemstones as a jewelry is different from it's use as an astrological remedy. Gemstones used in necklace, pendant or other form of jewelry would be ineffective in case of providing the astrological benefits. To have the proper benefits from a particular gemstones, one needs to follow the astrological procedure prescribed for wearing that gemstone and then only wear it. This process of "Pran pratishtha" connects the gemstone with its lord or planet. During the process, native also tells his wishes and intentions for which he is wearing that stone. This process is just like doing the pran-pratishtha of the idol of any deity which is utmost important. After following the proper procedures, Gemstones could be worn in form of rings or pendants and they will give the benefits as an astrological remedy.

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