Mercury in 11th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Mercury in eleventh house , budh in 11th bhava

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Mercury in 11th house | budh in 11th bhava | Mercury in eleventh house

The planet Mercury or Budh is the positive presence of astrological arena which would bring pleasant impacts upon the native's life while here in the eleventh house, the presence of Mercury would bring a intellectual and friendly blend in the social and professional life of these natives. The people born with Mercury in 11th house would carry a very friendly approach towards the world for which they would carry variant relations around besides which they are endowed with variant ideas which they share around and communicate well with people around. There are free minded people who would develop social relations till the unconfined extent. They will possess a strong presence in the social arena but these natives would bet betrayed by some people as they would remain selfless and people would try to make benefits from the same.

The natives of this placement of Mercury in 11th house carry a intellectual approach and are practically aware of the world besides which they carry real aspirations as they would rarely possess any dreamy wishes besides this, they know well their path ahead. Their intelligent understanding and knowledge takes them towards good heights of social & professional arena and they would attain good wealth which they would worth to have. These natives having Mercury in eleventh house are blessed with good children who would do really good in studies and will get married in wealthy and noble families.

The placement of planet Mercury in 11th house doesn't develops a very pleasant presence as it is a enemy of Jupiter for which this placement would bring some adverse impacts to the natives. Around the age of 34 years, the native would pursue unworthy and foolish pursuits for which there could be some losses in wealth & position further leading towards the lack of peace & harmony around. During this period, you would not receive worthy results of your endeavor and your hard work would get ignored.

The natives of this placement having Budh in eleventh bhava should wear copper coin in neck in a white thread or silver chain and should avoid green color and green colored gem that is emerald. These natives should not keep a widow sister or father's sister within the house and should never accept a beez from any sage or faqir.

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