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Manglik dosh or mangal dosha is much talked about topic in Indian society and manglik dosha analysis is the integral part of the horoscope matching process before marriage. In the horoscope matching process, if all other attributes matches but there is a mismatch in the manglik status of the prospective bride and groom, the marriage between them will be considered inappropriate.

In a Vedic horoscope, Manglik dosh or Kuja dosha is formed when mars is placed in either ascendant(First House), House of happiness or mental peace(Fourth house),House of marriage(Seventh House), House of longevity(Eighth House) or house of expenditure(Twelfth House).

When other cruel planets like Rahu, Sahni and Sun are placed in the above mentioned houses and mars is placed in some house other than these mentioned above then also a yoga is formed which has ill effects similar to manglik dosha though the severity of the ill effects will be lower in comparison to manglik dosha formed by mars.

This placement of mars could be in the Lagna Kundali(Ascendant chart) or Navamansa chart or Chandra Kundali(Moon chart) or in all of them. If this placement of mars happened in one of the above mentioned charts then the ill effect will be lesser. If this happened in two or all of the charts then the ill effect will be more severe.

Effects of Manglik dosha

Manglik dosha formed by Mars can cause following things:

1.Excessive delay in getting married
2.Difficulties in marital life
3.Disputes and quarrels in marital life
4.Mismatch in thoughts
6.Death of spouse

Apart from these effects in case of marriage, mangal dosh cause delay in many important aspects of life.

People suffering from strong manglik dosha are likely to be late in following aspects apart from marriage:

2.Start of career/profession
3.Progress in career
4.Child birth

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