Sade sati , Shani sade sati phases and aspects by - complete information on remedies and mantras for Saturn transit to Scorpio in 2020
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Sade Sati (Saturn Transit 2020)

Almighty planned a phase in our lives to bring us back to the truth of life.......!!

Definition of Sade Sati

Sade sati is a transition phenomenon of Saturn. When Saturn or Shani transit through twelfth, first and second house from the natal moon of birth chart, the period is termed as sade sati. Saturn takes two and half years to transit from one house to another house so the transit of Saturn or Shani through these three house takes seven and half year which is a literal meaning of shani sade sati.

Description of Sade Sati

Our lives on the mortal land are highly impacted by the movements of heavenly bodies in universe as we all are the natives of earth which is surrounded by many happenings around reflecting different energies upon being in the centre. These universal bodies like planets carry out some certain movements or revolutions for some fixed spans of time which bring changes on the lives moving upon the land in different estimated ways. For further explicit expression in the language of astrology, different planets leaves different impacts on different horoscopes on account of their different arrangements above in the sky.

Sade sati is one of those significant movements of one of the malefic and strongest planet that is Saturn, leaving various effects on people according to their birth chart. The journey of the planet Saturn in the solar system plays a major role here as on account of those celestial movements it also plays some actions in the horoscope chart as through traveling from one house to another taking different time spans. These different arrangements of planet Saturn in various houses of horoscope chart desert variant shades in different aspects of our lives .

Like wise every planet, Saturn also revolves around the king of Solar System, the Sun, which makes it revolve its impact throughout different zodiacs or horoscope signs while leaving its footprints behind. The planet completes its one revolution in its orbit by taking the time of 29 years and 5 months on account of its being the slowest planet, to reach the same point from where it started while covering all the sides of Sun. Throughout this universal long journey of Saturn, its shadow also travels throughout 12 zodiac signs and in his path it stays at 12 turns of horoscope signs for some specific periods. Altogether it stays in each zodiac for 2 years and 5months giving equal time at each turn. This is the longest staying planet which further enhances its impotence in the astrology and so on in our lives and in turn for the same reason, it is believed to produce delays in the path of the person.

Sade Sati expresses staying of planet Saturn in three houses or zodiacs for whole 7 years and 5months, leaving a major impacts for this period on the person which are perceived to be degrading effects. This dark shading of horoscope starts with the entrance of Saturn in the 12th house, in the sign just previous to the moon sign, followed by its residing in the moon sign or 1st house which ends with its stay in the sign next to the moon sign as giving equal time at each house which comes out as 7.5years as total, further expressing the name of the period as Sadhe Saati. As Saturn takes almost 30 years to complete its cycle of all zodiacs, it also explains its arrival in the moon sign after every 30 years which further articulates its presence in a normal life span for 2 or 3 times.

There are some other similar aspects of the planet also as it leaves similar impacts when it enters the fourth and eighth house but they are comparatively less effective. The residing of Saturn in each sign is known as Panoti, Dhayia or Adhayaia among the masses. The Dhayia of 12th, 1st and 2nd house is most prominently known among the folks since ages and has a dominating role in astrology.

These different shades of Saturn's effect have been perceived as destructing impacts of the most malefic planet on the lives of the mortals as they are believed to bring downgrading in all aspects of life but it's the human nature to pick out the negative side of the coin while closing eyes towards the positive reflections. Like wise every revolving body in the sky, planet Saturn also bestow different colors comprising some lighter, some darker shades which have been veiled by the cloth of myth that the planet Saturn and it's periods of different arrangements on sky and land only bring hurdles resulting in losses in every direction. But through the right vision and in right articulation, these movements bring extreme changes in the life of mortals in different directions.

Impact of sade sati on various moon signs in 2020, 2021 and 2021

This hazardous period of Saturn leaves different effects on different zodiacs on account of his relationships with different planets ruling over variant moon signs. These relationships effects the lives of natives by coloring them with different shades and mending the path of mortals in different directions. The period of sadhe sati is also impacting various moon sign in different ways. This time Saturn have a transit to Scorpio on 2nd of November 2014 which expresses its commencement of Sade Sati in the lives of Sagittarians and conclusion of the Sade Sati from the lives of Virgos. This period would go for two and half years including 2020, 2021 and some part of 2021.

Sade Sati ( Saturn transit) For 2020, 2021 and half of 2021:

Aries / Mesha

The transit of Saturn in the house of Scorpio ,Lord Shani has now entered in your seventh house which express the marital aspects, relationship and partnership.... Read more

Taurus / Vrishabha

On account of this Saturn transit during the revolution of the Saturn, it has entered in your sixth house. This stay of Saturn here will be positive and pleasant for.... Read more

Gemini / Mithuna

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio leaves it in the fifth house in 2012 and would bring the hardships for Gemini or mithuna rasi natives resulting in losses and enhancing exp... Read more

Cancer / Karka

With the transit of Saturn in the house of Scorpio this time, Lord Shani have shadowed your fourth house is believed to make a Kantaka Shani placement which is .... Read more

Leo / Singh

As the planet Saturn enters the sign Scorpio in this part of his revolution, the sade sati ends for Leo or simha rashi natives which is a very good time for Leo zodiac.... Read more

Virgo / Kanya

As planet Saturn enters the house of your sign Scorpio in 2014 November, the sade sati ends for Leo or Kanya rashi natives which is a very good time for Virgo zodiac..... Read more

Libra / Tula

With the transit of Saturn in the state of Scorpio, the planet pours its shadow upon your first house which represents the second dhaiya for the Libra natives.... Read more

Scorpio / Vrishchika

The transit of Saturn in the confinements of Scorpio in 2014 pours his shadow on the twelfth house of you horoscope chart which expresses your expenditure and.... Read more

Sagittarius / Dhanu

With the Saturn transit in the moon sign Scorpio, Lord Shani pours his shadow upon your eleventh house which reveals your path of Gains, Money flow and affluence .... Read more

Capricorn / Makara

With the Saturn transit in the confinements of Scorpio, it enters your tenth house which is the expression of profession, fame , popularity and public relations .... Read more

Aquarius / Kumbha

With the transit of lord shani in the enclosure of moon sign Scorpio in 2014, it reflects upon your ninth house which is the house of support of luck, spirituality, religion... Read more

for Pisces / Meena

Transit of planet Saturn in the house of Libra this time leaves its shadow upon your eighth house which is the expression of mysteries, research and foreign lands .... Read more