Mercury in 3rd house by -  Effects of the placements of Mercury planet in third house , budh in 3rd bhava
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Mercury in 3rd house |  budh in 3rd bhava | Mercury in third house

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The planet Mercury or Budh is perceived to be the divine giver of wisdom and rules over the intellect of human beings for which it provides an active mind to the natives with a limited valor and courage. The natives with Mercury in third house are perceived to be cautious and careful in their attitude and would carry a serious approach towards life.

The arrival of planet Mercury in 3rd house will further strengthen the core aspect of the house for which the native will possess a witty, intellectual and clever composure of mind which remains active and possess versatile attributes.

They are born with a curious mind to know, understand & learn almost everything. These natives having Mercury in 3rd house are quite practical with their approach towards life which makes them stable at mind but they are not one of the aggressive hasty personalities though they would be quiet serious towards life.

These natives having Mercury in third house are likely to have female siblings. However, male siblings could also be there due to the the influence of other planets on the third house and/or if the 3rd bhava lord is a male planet . 

The arrival of Mercury in the third bhava will bring benefits from siblings but the native won’t be beneficial for them due to this placement of Budh in third bhava. As per the planetary placements in 9th and 11th bhava, the Mercury here will affect the financial stature of the father. The natives should donated goat and should feed birds for reducing the malefic effects of this placement. He/she should not reside in a house facing towards the south. The natives should clean their teeth with alum everyday and should donate the medicines of asthma.



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