Mercury in 10th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Mercury in tenth house , budh in 10th bhava

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Mercury in 10th house | budh in 10th bhava | Mercury in tenth house

The planet Mercury or Budh is a well perceived benefic planet which is perceived to bestow most of the goodness in the native's life and specially affecting the career path of the person. Here, the arrival of Mercury in 10th house expresses surety of success in the professional life but through true efforts & hard work. The natives born with Mercury in 10th house would carry a very sincere and determined approach towards their professional path and would put the entire required endeavor to reach the highest mounts. Besides this, Mercury or Budh provides supreme attributes of eloquence and writing along with admirable management and creative skills. These native's won't depend on any one else for their growth as they will believe only upon their own steps.

The natives having Mercury in tenth house are perceived to be involved in professions comprising public relations in some way or those requiring higher communication skills. Besides this, they are free personas as specially with their professional aspects for which they could be found changing their job profiles many a times but they won't take hasty decisions or they could even be found being involved in more than one pursuit.

They require all the required freedom in the air of work place to be at their best besides which they are believed to be at dominating positions in their professional arena as to rule over others or they would have a very strong position even if they won't be ruling many. They carry great vigor at their work place and are truly vivacious but serious with work as they will not let the surrounding go bore but will also accomplish their work well and precisely. The natives of this placement having Mercury in tenth house would be happy and satisfied with their professional aspects and are believed to lead a blissful life with good wealth and admirable success. They will receive good favors from government and authority people and would hold strong relations around which would be beneficial for them in the social as well as professional arena.

The natives of this placement having Budh in tenth bhava would attain great success in business if work in a shermukhi arena but residing in such a house would bring adverse impacts to the person. These people having Budh in 10th house should offer rice & milk in religious places for the betterment in life and should stay away from immoral drinking and non vegetarian food as that would enhance the malefic effects.

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