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Mercury in 4th house | budh in 4th bhava | Mercury in fourth house

The placement of planet Mercury in 4th house house would keep the person emotionally attached to his/her belongings with special attached to the home and family. These natives will always stay involved in most of the family matters and stay devoted to their home. They have strong affinity towards their family members.

The natives of this placement of Budh in 4th house are believed to carry their family tradition and values throughout their lives for being deep believers of them. These native remain firm on the value system despite of obstacles and hurdles

These people would like to stay at home but Mercury would bring them a life holding much traveling for them due to variant reasons but whenever they would get the chance, they will keep a vivacious and enjoying environment at home. The native having Mercury in fourth house will have a peaceful and blissful enclosure at home. These people takes time to adapt to changing environments.

The natives of this placement of budh in fourth bhava would not be either very much restless nor would be very much stable and firm as they will stand at the middle of this meter. Besides this, these individuals are believed to be closer to the mother and their mother has strong impact on their lives. These natives would attain favors from the government.

The natives of this placement of mercury in 4th house should put the kesar mark or tilak regularly over the head for 43 days and should serve monkeys with jaggery for the positive impacts of Mercury. They should wear a golden chain for attaining good affluence and should wear a silver chain for mental peace.

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