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Scorpio (Vrischika) Zodiac

Scorpio astrology and Scorpio Horoscope

According to astrology, Scorpio Zodiac sign people are those born in the dates from 21st October to 20th November. Scorpio or Vrishchika is the eighth sign of the zodiac. The sign is ruled by Mars. This zodiac sign of Scopio is represented by the symbol of 'The Scorpioní. Scorpio zodiac sign natives are known to be the intense, powerful and  self-controlled people. Scorpio zodiac sign natives are peaceful on the outer surface but in their inner core, they are quite aggressive, forceful and energetic. They have magnetism and hypnotism in their personality which attracts other people towards them.   The Scorpio zodiac people are strongly intellectual and are expert in utilizing their intelligence in lurking their inner self well. Besides this, they play their role so efficiently that no body can even thought of suspecting their true personality. While on the other hand, Scorpio zodiac people will not let their emotions out as well as they donít prefer to express their feelings much.Besides this, the sharp mind of....  


Scorpio Astrology Compatibility


Scorpio Decans Astrology

Division 1 : The first decan of Scorpio period(21st October to 20th November) that is the first ten days are of most potent personas and are perceived to be complete Scorpios besides...
Division 2 : The second segment or decan of Scorpio that is the middle ten days are the days of soft natives as they are influenced by planet Jupiter ....
Division 3 : The third segment or decan of Scorpio enclosure that is the last ten days are of the most soft and loving Scorpio natives which are ruled by Planet .....

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Scorpio or Vrischika Career

Scorpio possess a magnetism in their personality which attracts many towards them and this help them in their career also. Scorpio natives are determined people. They are ambitious and very clear about their goals in their life and in their career also. 

Scorpio natives are very good in planning and making strategies. They are generally calm and able to contain even the most drastic situations. They are having good amount of patience .....

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2012 Horoscope for Scorpio zodiac sign or Vrischika rasi

2012 Horoscope - Scorpio or Vrischika for career                                                                 The  2012 Scorpio  horoscope indicates that the Scorpio natives will enter the year 2012 with a pleasant path of career in the first quarter till the end of March 2012 as it will be truly positive for people in defense and medical profession...

2012 Horoscope - Scorpio or Vrischika  for Love & Marriage                                     The  2012 Scorpio  horoscope indicates that the Scorpio people would enter the year 2012 with not so good phase of love & relationship as the period till the mid of February 2012 will be quite dull though afterwards it would turn better ....

2012 Horoscope -Scorpio or Vrischika for Health                                                                 The  2012 Scorpio  horoscope indicates that the year 2012 will began with some health problems for Scorpio natives as especially related with stomach which will continue till the month of June 2012. There will be some imbalanced....

2012 Horoscope -Scorpio for Family                                                                                   The  2012 Scorpio  horoscope indicates that the year 2012 will began with harsh phase of family life for Scorpio natives as there will be misunderstandings, distances and bitter experiences in between relations till March 2012 . ....

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Scorpio Zodiac In Relations

As a Father : A Scorpio native in this relationship would be quiet strict father with somewhat hard appearance but you also need to express your love to children as they canít understand  ....

As a Mother : The Scorpio Mother in this relationship would be a blend of hard and softer shades who would appear in a strong .....

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Lucky About Scorpio or Vrischika

Here is a description of lucky things of Scorpio. It lists the Luck metal for Scorpio, Lucky days for Scorpio, Lucky flower for Scorpio, Lucky stone for Scorpio, Lucky number for Scorpio and Lucky color for Scorpio

Lucky Metal- Plutonium and Iron

Lucky day Ė Tuesday

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Famous Scorpio Personalities

Anne Tyler

Bill Gates

Bryan Adams

Calvin Klein

Demi Moore

Erwin Rommel  

Indira Gandhi 

Jack Welch


Scorpio Zodiac Sign Facts

Scorpio symbol - The Scorpion

Scorpio ruling Planet- Mars

Scorpio quality- Fixed

Scorpio element- Water  


Scorpio Characteristics

Positive                                  Negative

Sharp minded                  Self centered 

Sincere                          snobbish

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Scorpio Zodiac sign or Vrischika Rasi in Romance/Marriage

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign Life Astrology

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