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Mahadasha or major period is the segmentation of human life for each planet with variant size of periods divided within perceived 120yrs of a human life as each segment is ruled by a planet and similarly the cycle of 120yrs comprise all the 9 astrological . The Period of each planet leaves different and variant impacts upon the native’s life depending upon various factors.

A human is perceived to be born with the presence of all the planets in his lifetime as from whatever place he/she would begin his/her life cycle, it will lead him/her through the systematic series of planetary periods as in a way to complete all the planetary segments in 120yrs, though its quiet a different aspect that nowadays a person rarely live all 120yrs of human life. The Mahadashas of Human life works along side Nakshatras as in which ever Nakshatra a person is born, his/her first Mahadasha at birth will be of the ruling planet of the birth Nakshatra and then after, the methodical series of Mahadashas will proceed. These planetary segmentation in known as Mahadasha of planets.

These planetary Mahadashas plays a very significant role in human lives as they could bring massive changes in people’s life and could take them towards the heights or could also cause downfalls. In these Mahadashas, the ruling planet leaves a great impact upon the native’s life and that entirely depends upon the relationship of the ruling planet with the planetary positions in the horoscope chart of the native. If the the mahadasha is of the karaka or benefic planet or a well placed or exalted planet then this period in general will make the person life full of joy, wealth , harmony and affluence. On the other side, if the planet is akaraka or malefic or not well placed or debilitated in the horoscope, the major period of that planet will in general cause problems, loss of money , debts and diseases. However the exact good or bad results would be decided by carefully examining the lordship of the planet and the placement of the planet. The intensity of the good or bad results would be decided by the state of planet (powerful or weak), the placement of other planets with it and aspect of planets on it.

Mahadashas are divided into nine segments called antardashas or sub-periods. This is a division of mahadasha period where all the 9 planets would have their influence within the major influence of the planet which is a ruler of mahadasha. For example, in the 17 year maha dasha period of mercury, all the 9 planets including Mercury will have their share of period. In this period, the planet ruling mahadasha and antardasha both would have impacts on person's life. So the mahadasha period of any planets is not uniformly good or bad for the native. The result or falit will depend on many factors like: if rulers of mahadasha and antardashas are karakas or akarakas for the native, both are strong, well placed or weak, ill placed and whether they are natural friends or natural enemies. After considering all there factors, the predictions could could be made for that mahadasha- antardasha period.

Any antardashas are furthur divided in to 9 segmentations of 9 periods in which all the 9 planets would have their period of influences. These segmentations are called pratyantar dasha or sub-sub period.

To summarize the topic, human life is divided in to mahadashas, antardashas and pratyantar dashas of planets which influence the human life in a positive or negative way.

Mahadasha periods of Planets

Maha Dasha Time Period

Sun or Surya Mahadasha
6 Years
Moon or Chandra Mahadasha
10 Years
Mars or Mangal Mahadasha
7 Years
Mercury or Budh Maha Dasha
17 Years
Jupiter or Guru Mahadasha
16 Years
Venus or Shukra Mahadasha
20 Years
Saturn or Shani Maha Dasha
19 Years
Rahu Maha Dasha
18 Years
Ketu Maha Dasha
7 Years

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