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“Pearl with divine blush.. Emerged on mortal land.. As a segment of immortal soul.… For his mortal beings….!”

wearing rudraksh Rudraksha is the divine blessing given to humans to cure many of their adversaries. Rudraksh is not only having great spiritual value but many other usage in stress control and curing many diseases. In astrology, it has been given a important place as a astrological remedy for many problems caused by the ill-placements of the number of clefts or lines on it's bead. These clefts divide the bead in to some part and each part is considered as a face or Mukh of that bead. For example, if the bead is divided in to 5 faces by the clefts, it will be called 5 Mukhi or 5 faced rudraksh. Based on these mukhis or faces, The properties and their usage changes. Each type has it's unique properties, medical, scientific and spiritual usages, ruling planet and effects on different aspects on human life. In this section, we would present the comprehensive knowledge about the this divine blessing. In another section on this site, we would explain everything about each type of them.

Mythological View

Rudra is the pure name of Lord Shiva and Aksha is true word for tears explored in the purest words of Sanskrit. It in deep pertain towards the eyes of supreme divine soul (Lord shiva or bhagwan shiv ) revealing the ocean of benevolence and love for all souls. While unveiling the frames of Shiv Purana or other such doctrines of Hindus, we confront the explicit images of existence of Rudraksha painted well as an significant manifestation of Lord Shiva on earth. As per the coloration of this divine blessing in these frames, it articulates its origin from the divine eyes of Lord Shiva at the time of his meditation of years, in the appearance of warm tears which swayed down to the land and emerging as the paradisiacal shine of Rudraksha trees on earth. In simpler language, they are the expression of glittering power of Lord Shiva on this mortal surface and believed to be he most potent manifestation of the cosmic force. It could be considered as the explicit soul portrait of immortal father for his mortal children on land and a most easiest and fluent way to reach to supreme creator through and has been placed on the sky of veneration on earth.

Scientific View

Rudraksha are sacred and different looking pearls with divine power which in true words are seeds of fruits attained from its heavenly rudraksha tree and have evolved for spreading the benevolence of paradisiacal essence. This picture also possesses some scientific reflections comprising its botanical name ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS ROXB which in English turns as UTRASUM BEAD TREE. These Rudraksha trees are found in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iran, Java, Timor (Indonesia) and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal and India. These rudraksh trees governs in Indonesia at 70%, in Nepal up to 25% and in India 5%. The first beads, the berry called as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus were spotted in Indonesia which is nowadays also been grown in Nepal and Hardwar in India. These beads are believed to be extremely beneficial to mortals in different aspects of life comprising stress, circulatory problems, etc.

This divine bead being a true portrait of eyes of Lord Shiva, exploring divine benevolence to mortals is expressed in pious and auspicious frame. The heavenly appearance of Rudraksha tree bears very tall stature which in rainy season get adorned by white colored flowers spreading there essence and reflection of paradisiacal chaste along with divine aroma. On there further beautification, these blossoming beads of heaven turns into black berry like appearing fruits giving birth to brownish red colored seeds at maturing phase. Along with the difference in faces these beads are born with there characteristics of different sutures throughout the surface covering whole diameter, further fabricating a more clear vision of differentiation in between.

Divine appearance of the rudhrakhas beads embraces clefts called MUKHIS upon there outer shell leaving behind a significant ground of differentiation in between with exposure of qualities. According to the number of Mukhis, this divine blessing varies from single faced to several faced beads. These paradisiacal beads have been the part of conventions prevailed in Asia from so long and expressed through Yogis and Monks veiled in these heavenly beads with a view of acquiring tremendous tranquility and persistence in mind to accomplish there moral and pious acts to lead a life of chaste devoted to supreme souls of paradise. Still after a vast enclosure of variant theories, these beads remains a abundance of mysteries with many secrets lurking behind including its concealing medicinal properties because of higher expenses of clinical research and many more hidden pages deserting a esoteric portrait in front of our eyes.

Chemical Composition

In the depth of their chemical combination, Rudraksha beads have emerged out from the lumps of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and some slight blend of few others. The percentage composition of these gaseous elements was found through various efforts of science experts with the help of C-H-N Analyzer and by Gas chromatography which elucidates its structure of composition as carbon being the governor of 50.031%, oxygen assisting with 30.53%, hydrogen following at 17.897% and nitrogen with least presence of 0.95%. In virtual way, this being a fruit essentially comprises pulp and delicate outer shell which requires 15 to 18 years to attain its complete face with the seed’s diameter near to 1 inch in a round frame.

Spiritual View

Rudraksha in it's various forms is believed to have the power to free the person from all it's sins and bad Karmas. The person who wear a pure Rudraksh is believed to leave slowly the mental fatigue, grievances, greed, jealousy, mental tensions, depressions and other ill-feelings caused by the materialistic rat-race. His mind would start to get peace and spiritual joy. A person who wants spiritual elevation would be very much benefited by wearing rudrakshas either in form of mala or as a single bead. He would have more and more feelings of detachment from the worldly matters and his focus on spiritual path would get more intense. From the ancient times, Hindu sages and Buddhist monks have been wearing various types of this heavenly blessings in form of mala or other forms which is helpful in their higher level of spiritual attainments. In today's world, many people around the globe are having many physical and mental problems and using Yoga and meditation to be mentally and physically fit. These sacred beads are very useful for such people to achieve higher level of focus and concentration while doing meditation.

Wearing Rudraksha

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recommended method
of wearing Rudraksh
including the mantras
for various types of

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Rudraksh for Zodiacs

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are listing the types of
rudraksh beads which
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different zodiac

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Care of Rudraksh

This section presents the
detailed information of the
care and precaution recom
mendations for keeping the
potent power of bead
alive to get the full benefits
of it with the full potency
for a longer period of time....

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Identify Rudrakshas

All about Identifying real

Know how to identify the
real bead and avoid
getting the imitation or
painted or forged

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Different Types

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