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Mercury in 7th house | budh in 7th bhava | Mercury in seventh house

The planet Mercury is the divine giver of depth inside along with the efficiency to express that depth for which the arrival of Mercury in the seventh house would bring all the shades of Mercury to the aspects of 7th house in the natives life. The presence of Mercury in the seventh bhava will make the native truly serious and devoted towards relationships in his/her life.

The natives of this placement of Mercury in 7th house would carry good eloquence and a truly expressive personality for which they would make vivid & clear relationships upon land and would develop very strong bonds. These natives are very proficient in public relations, sales, marketing and law. These people are quiet practical as well towards maintaining the strength and understanding in the relationship for which they would need a intellectual and wiser partner to lead a peaceful and blissful life.

These natives having Mercury in seventh house would over analyze their relationships and marriage and could sometimes put over efforts to keep it strong but they need to understand that relationships are the matter of time and are nature process, they are not the business of strategies. Apart from this, these people are quiet inflexible about others opinion for which they need to be quiet adaptable towards others thoughts and should try to understand the oppositions instead of avoiding them.

This placement of budh in 7th bhava would make the native truly beneficial for those close to him/her while the female natives would be more fortunate to be born under this placement. The native would be born expressive and could win the world with his/her words. This placement would make the native truly benefited from the sides of spouse's sister. Besides this, the placement of Moon in the 1st bhava would bring him/her positive results while the placement of Saturn in the 3rd bhava would make his/her spouse's family richer due to this placement.

The native having Mercury in seventh house should avoid business in any kind of partnerships as he/she could face losses due to his/her sensitive core. These people should avoid speculations and should stay away from his/her sister-in-law if she has a spoilt character.

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