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Mercury in 9th house | budh in 9th bhava | Mercury in ninth house

The planet Mercury or Budh is a well believed benefic presence who is a celestial expression of intellect leading towards success besides this, the placement of Mercury in 9th house would bestow a lot curiosity to the person to acquire all the possible knowledge present around even if they would be needed to put much effort for the same. The natives of this placement having budh in ninth bhava are perceived to attain great heights in the path of education and learning besides which they could be seen much involved in lurked arenas of study and specially those requiring much endeavor to reach the depth of the subject. These natives having Mercury in 9th house could be found in the enclosure of philosophy, religion, law, publishing and education.

The natives of this placement having mercury in ninth house are endowed with special attributes of writing and teaching and so on they could reach great heights of the same. They are very much inclined towards exploring new arenas no matter whatever it would be as that could even be a place to travel or a new subject to study, they just want to know more and more as its their insatiable hunger of knowledge. For the same reasons, they would be proficient or known to many languages & cultures. These people having Mercury in 9th house are born with great eloquence and a effective presence to leave great influences behind. They are lively creatures who possess a vigorous personality and are proficient in bringing out solutions. These natives could be found around as sharing worthy ideas and philosophies with people as they love to share & learn.

Apart from this, the inimical relation between the lord of 9th house that is Jupiter and Mercury will bring some adverse impacts here as including restlessness to the person and some defamations in the life path. Besides this, the placement of Moon, Ketu and Jupiter in 1,3,6,7,9 and 11th bhava would bring more malefic impacts from the Mercury in 9th house.

The natives of this placement having Mercury in ninth house should stay away from green color in every possible way and should never take any tabeez from any sadhu or faqir. They should have piercing in nose and should offer a earthen pot filled with mushrooms in a sacred or religious place.

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