Mercury in 2nd house by - Effects of the placements of Mercury planet in second house , budh in 2nd bhava

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Mercury in 2nd house | budh in 2nd bhava | Mercury in second house

The planet Mercury or Budh is the divine giver of intellect and logics which makes the native strong at intelligence besides which it also bestows a philosophical and spiritual blend.

The presence of Mercury in 2nd house is an explicit expression of practical vision. The natives of this placement of budh in second bhava are efficient enough to leave their marks behind.

The individual with this kind of placement would pursue a logical and practical path for money making with sincerity and honesty. They will be truly concerned about financial matters but they will also spend their money lavishly as they also need some comforts in life.

Besides this, these natives having Mercury in second house are blessed with ideas of money making for which they are efficient financial planners by nature which will not let them lack affluence in life.

Apart from this, the natives having budh in 2nd house will be endowed with supreme eloquence as they will influence others with their oratory skills besides which their words with express their intelligence and wiser blend for which they will receive admiration from the surroundings. They are philosophical in their attitude and are good preachers.

The convincing skills for these natives having budh in second house. They generally have sweet voice and can convince almost everybody on their ideas. They are expert negotiators. The diplomatic skills are generally quite high in the case of these individuals. These individuals having Mercury in 2nd house have the skills of doing many tasks at the time. They are very quick learners and they can process the knowledge they are getting in a very fast manner.

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