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Libra (Tula) Zodiac

Libra astrology and Libra Horoscope

According to astrology, Libra Zodiac people are those born in the dates from 21st September to 20 October. Libra or Tula is the seventh sign of the zodiac. The sign is ruled by Venus. This zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of 'The Scales’. Libra zodiac sign natives are known to be the diplomatic, lover of peace, charming, sociable, civilized and good  looking   people. Libra zodiac sign natives possess high level of intellect and wisdom. Libra zodiac sign natives are well balanced creatures as they maintain a calm composure for carrying both their heart and mind upon a equal ladder. Libra zodiac sign people are wise and are supreme at making judgments as they are entirely unbiased and only go with the right side as even they do not see their own interest and good when judging and could even give the verdict which even could turn against them. Libra zodiac sign natives just can’t see anything happen which would go against their vision of righteousness and is the part of cruelty and callousness.


Libra Astrology Compatibility


Libra Decans Astrology

Division 1 : The first decan or segment of the Libra period( 21st September to 20th October) that is the first ten days are of the balanced personas of land as...
Division 2 : The second segment or decan of Libra confinements that is the middle ten days comprises the individuals with quiet unbalanced mind and most....
Division 3 : The third segment of Libra enclosure that is the last ten days comprises those inclined towards amusements out of comfort.  These days are influenced by planet .....

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Libra or Tula Career

The people born with sun sign Libra are very good in communication skills and oratory. They have a charm in their personality and very good in convincing others. They are good negotiators. Libra natives want to be center of attraction.

The natives of Libra on account of their ultimate attributes are bestowed with many career options including finance, designing, art, critics, composers, writers, management, education, anchor counselor, astrologer, lawyer....

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2012 Horoscope for Libra zodiac sign or Tula rasi

2012 Horoscope -Libra or Tula  for Career                                                                    The  Libra  2012 horoscope  indicates that the Libra natives would enter the year 2012 upon a quite pleasant and balance path of career and profession as taking them ahead towards growth in the period of January, February and March....

2012 Horoscope - Libra or Tula  for Love & Marriage                                         The  Libra  2012 horoscope  indicates that the year 2012 will arrive with a blessing for the love and relationship of Libra natives as in they will remain appealing and attractive throughout the period till March 2012 ....

2012 Horoscope -Libra or Tula for Health                                                                     The  Libra  2012 horoscope  indicates that the Libra natives would began the year 2012 with quiet worrying phase of health till the month of March. This period could bring them gastric, digestive and kidney problems ruled....

2012 Horoscope -Libra for Family                                                                                   The  Libra  2012 horoscope  indicates that the year 2012 will began with pleasant phase of family due to benefic placement of Jupiter & Venus but there could be some problems with spouse till March. As continuing towards the period of....

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Gemstones and Impacts

Planets in Zodiacs-1

Planets in Zodiacs-2


Planets in Houses-1

Planets in Houses-2

Indian Baby Names

Kaal Sarp Dosh

Manglik Dosha

Vedic Mantra

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Sade Sati



Types of Rudrakshas



Libra Zodiac In Relations

As a Father : A Libra native in this relationship would be a great father as he is generous hearted who would keep a balance of everything in his relation with children whom he would be....

As a Mother : A Libra woman in this relationship would stay very much concern about making her children grow well .....

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Lucky About Libra or Tula

Here is a description of lucky things of Libra. It lists the Luck metal for Libra, Lucky days for Libra, Lucky flower for Libra, Lucky stone for Libra, Lucky number for Libra and Lucky color for Libra

Lucky Metal- Copper

Lucky day – Friday

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Famous Libra Personalities

Alferd Nobel

Annie Besent

Anthony Hopkins

Catherine Zeta Jones

Kate Winslet

Desmond Tutu 

Mahatma Gandhi  

Matt Damon


Libra Zodiac Sign Facts

Libra symbol - The Balance

Libra ruling Planet- Venus

Libra quality- Cardinal

Libra element- Air  


Libra Characteristics

Positive                                  Negative

Strongly unbiased              Indecisive

Natural charm                   Frivolous

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Libra Zodiac sign or Tula Rasi in Romance/Marriage

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Libra Zodiac Sign Life Astrology

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