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Cancer (Karka) Zodiac

Cancer astrology and Cancer Horoscope

According to astrology, Cancer Zodiac people are those born in the dates from 21st June to 20th July. Cancer or Karka is the fourth sign of the zodiac. The sign is ruled by Moon. This zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of 'The Crab'. Cancer zodiac natives are known to be the home-loving, conservative and emotional people The Cancer zodiac sign natives are possessing enormous ocean of emotions and sentiments which ultimately makes them highly vulnerable from inside. The cancer people are the most soft personas among all and are perceived to be far away from aggression. The Cancer zodiac natives are born on this earth to love and to be loved. But this applies to the limited number of people who are the in the their close circle. For these people, cancer zodiac people are quite sensitive and can not bear harsh language or behaviors from their loved ones. The Cancer zodiac people are one of the most reserved personas who keep their soft and sensitive inner self ....

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Cancer Decans Astrology

Division 1 :

The first decan of Cancer period( 21st June to 20th July), that is the first ten days are of the most sensitive cancer natives. These days are....

Division 2 :

The second segment of Cancer natives that is the middle ten days is the enclosure of comparatively strong natives of Cancer zodiac. These days are...

Division 3 :

The last segment of Cancer period that is the last ten days are the real representation of Cancer natives which appears in the mirro.....

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Cancer or Karka Career
Cancer personalities are thinkers and possess a good sense and intellect along with the blend of creativity in their vision which makes them valuable employees while in job or career. Cancer people are team players in their career.

Career suitable for Cancer people are healthcare, nursing, pharmaceutical, education, artist, administration, jeweler, historians, merchandising, .....

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2020 Horoscope for Cancer zodiac sign or Karka rasi

2020 Horoscope -Cancer or Karka for Career

The Cancer 2020 horoscope indicates that the first quarter of the year 2020 is not very auspicious results in terms of career and profession, Your hard work will not pay you what you expect especially in February. This may disappoint you. Don't let this ...

2020 Horoscope - Cancer or Karka for Love & Marriage

The Cancer 2020 horoscope indicates that the first quarter of the year 2020 offer mixed results during this quarter. One of your siblings will try to interfere in your relationship, which will create differences between you and your love...

2020 Horoscope -Cancer or Karka for Health

The Cancer 2020 horoscope indicates that the first quarter of the year 2020 will not be a very auspicious time in case of health. You are likely to suffer from health related problems. You will also undergo great mental pressure and stress especially...

2020 Horoscope -Cancer for Family

The first quarter of the year 2020 offer mixed results to you. The initial phase of the quarter will not be very good and there would be some tensions in your family. However, as the quarter passes, things will settle down...

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Cancer Zodiac In Relations

As a Father :

The Cancer father in this relationship would be a very loving and caring parent who would be very much attached to his children and won't pour his anger or harshness upon...

As a Mother :

The Cancer women in this relationship are perceived to be the best image of a mother as she is the most...

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Lucky About Cancer or Karka
Here is a description of lucky things of Cancer. It lists the Luck metal for Cancer, Lucky days for Cancer, Lucky flower for Cancer, Lucky stone for Cancer, Lucky number for Cancer and Lucky color for Cancer

Lucky Metal - Silver

Lucky day - Monday

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Cancer Zodiac Sign Facts

Cancer symbol - The Crab

Cancer ruling Planet - Moon

Cancer quality - Cardinal

Cancer element - Water

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Cancer Characteristics







Cancer Astrology Compatibility
Aries can feel suffocated by the by the requirements of a cancer    
Cancer's love for his family is much appreciated by Taurus which is quite unlikely    
Gemini's flirtatious nature will bring some problems in front of emotional    
Cancer people are quite emotional and sensitive one. They require    
Leo has a good amount of ego but a soft heart. He has a different tem    
The basic traits of there two zodiac are quite different but both are easy    
Both the zodiacs have many common things. Both are lover of peac    
Both are emotional personalities. Both requires deepness in the    
There will be many difference between these two zodiacs. Sagittarius    
Capricorn will be a practical person who will be having fixed goals in his    
This relationship will be a combination of heart and brain. Cancer represents the    
There will be a good level of compatibility between these two zodiacs    
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