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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most accurate.

Planets in different zodiacs-Part 1

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter in Variant Zodiacs


Sun is the center of solar system in astronomy and thus has a prominent role in the life on earth. In the same way, it has given a prominent role in Vedic astrology. It represents dominance, authority, power, morals, high birth, affluence and prosperity if its shinning upon the native but it could also bring aggression, frustration and unstable mind leading towards hurdles in the path. Sun is the one of the three ascendants in Vedic birth chart and thus it's well placement and power is very important for any person to be successful in life. Here in this section, we would present the results of placement of Sun in different zodiacs:


Moon has given a prominent role in Vedic astrology. Moon is one of the three ascendant in Vedic astrology so The good placement and it's power and dignity is very important for realizing good results in life. Apart from Ascendant chart, moon chart is also very important in making the accurate prediction. There are many important yogas formed by moon in a birth chart. Moon represents the mental and psychological side of the person. It governs mental peace and happiness.Moon governs over the formations of emotional appearance of a person which comprises his or her natural attitude, memories, interests, moods, vision towards and ability to adapt in the surroundings. To get mental happiness in life, good placement of moon is very important. Here in this section, we would present the results of placement of Moon in different zodiacs:


Mars is a fiery planets having good importance in Vedic astrology. Mars represents aggression, wars, authority, determination, leadership and vitality. Mars is considered malefic in Vedic astrology. To some natives, it causes hurdles, breaks and delays in the important aspects of life. But to some other native like the natives of Aries, Scorpio, cancer and Leo ascendants, it become yoga karaka planet. In this state, it causes much wealth, authority and prosperity to these natives. Mars also causes manglik dosha which is responsible for creating hurdles, breaks and disputes in the martial life of the person:


Mercury is one the four natural benefic planets in Vedic astrology. It represents humor, youthfulness, trade, computation, language, speculations, mathematics, oratory, singing and quick-wits. It generally causes good results except some situations when it is ill-placed or it is the lord of 6th, 8th or 12th houses or when it is a karaka for the native and joined by potential malefics. In the modern times, Mercury has become increasingly important for any native since it represents trade and business. A well placed mercury would provide natives good skills in marketing, trading, business, accounts, mathematics, computers, oratory, share market, betting and speculations :


Jupiter is considered supreme benefic in Vedic astrology. Jupiter represents wisdom, knowledge, education, wealth, affluence, happiness, fulfillment, charity, authority, diplomacy and nirvana. Vedic astrology has given great importance to this planet since Jupiter is the natural karaka of 4 important houses (house of money, education, luck and gains). Jupiter has three aspects (drishti) which are very benefic. If a particular house representing any particular area of life like education or money is influenced by potential malefic planets and the house lost it's ability to bring good results in that area then a single aspect of Jupiter would remove the ill impacts of the malefic planets and create a balancing impact:

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