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Tenth House (10th) of birth astrology chart – House of profession, Social Status, Respect – Agnya/Karma Bhava

The 10th house of birth astrology chart represents:

1. 10th house of birth astrology chart emphasize on the stand of a person which gives him economical and social strength.

2. This predicts the professional front of the native and his hold on the same.

3. This house reveals the relations with colleagues and authorities in the work place. The strong tenth house will provide harmonious environment in the work place and native will get support from the higher authorities. A weak tenth house will produce the reverse results and the native would face lesser support of authorities and will face quarrels and disputes in profession

4. It has an impact on the inclination of the person towards a particular sector of profession. It clearly indicates the favorable and unfavorable professions for the native

5. 10th house influence the support from government officials.

6. Tenth house of birth astrology chart explores the platform of recognition and reward the native would see in his or her present birth.

7. It tells us precisely the supremacy of his position in front of the masses.

8. 10th house of birth astrology chart depicts the economical stature placed on the crest of the person and the gold coins placed on the throne.

9. It informs us about the affluence of the individual.

10. Tenth house of birth astrology chart also gives us an idea about the hidden treasure and possession.

11.This house provides the native a strong support from the authority and endow him or her with higher political powers.

12. People having powerful 10th house are known to have persuading and influencing personality.

13. Strong 10th house of birth astrology chart makes a leopard proficient to teach a lion.

14. It also reveals the inner self of the person of being gentle or wicked.

15. As it presents the character of the person to some extend.

16. This house depicts the health problems related to joints and knees.

17. To some extent , it shows the popularity of the person in the social and friend circle

Other points decided by the 10th house of birth astrology chart are Thighs, honour, dignity, public esteem, name and fame, power prestige, credit (for good work and conduct), success and status, rank and renown, respect and reputation, ambition and authority, worldly activities, responsibilities, permanency (in service), promotion, advancement, appointment, profession, last rites to one's parents, religious functions. Government, high position such as President, Prime Minister or Minister, pilgrimage to holy places, honour from Government.

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