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Birth chart Houses in Indian Astrology

“Astrology “is a word we are quite acquainted with but still our ambiguity always remains besides us. It is a treasure of our “Hindu religion” and has come out of our “Vedas” through the practices of our sages. Nowadays it is also assumed and perceived through scientific vision as it has been accepted by science to some extend. In Sanskrit, Astrology means “Jyothista” and to understand more we can express it as a “divine light of Vedic science exploring the effect of heavenly bodies.”

The houses and planets in the astrology plays the most significant role in forming predictions about different aspects of life of an individual or about a country. The word planet is synonym to the Sanskrit word “grahas” and houses to “bhavas” or “sthanas”. Indian astrology revolves around twelve houses in Birth chart comprising different zodiac and nine planets of our solar system. The sign for the first house in birth chart is Aries and the countdown moves forward accordingly and counter clockwise from east to downward. The variant placements of different planets in the houses of birth charts, impacts the attitude, health, finance, relationships of a person by either strengthening or weakening the particular house. There are many other aspects associated with planets to take in consideration before making predictions. The astrology birth chart containing twelve houses and nine planets is called as Horoscope which is synonym to “Kundali Chakra”. The study of horoscope starts with the first house which is the domicile of the ascendant and reveals the zodiac of a person.

According to the Quadrant system astrology chart houses are classified as Angular which are cardinal in nature, Succedent which are fixed in nature and Cadent which are mutable in nature.


1st House (Aries) , 4th House (Cancer), 7th House (Libra), 10th House (Capricorn)


2nd House (Taurus) , 5th House (Leo), 8th House (Scorpio), 11th House ( Aquarius)


3rd House (Gemini) , 6th House (Virgo), 9th House (Sagittarius), 12th House (Pisces)

“In scientific vision, we are standing on a revolving body i.e. Earth which is surrounded by many other similar moving bodies hovering around i.e. planets and being at the centre of these movements we get affected by them in such a way that it leaves a great impact on our lives and this can be referred as science of Astrology”.

Role of twelve houses of Birth charts in Astrology

First House (1st) of birth chart – House of Self – Ascendant – Udaya/Tanu Bhava

1st house of birth chart is called the ascendant and rising sign. It reveals the inner self of a person, the way he/she behave with the people surrounding them. It explores the negative and positive attributes of a person and his personality. It tells us about the appearance and looks of a person, his body structure and.....

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Second House (2nd) of astrological birth chart – House of Wealth - Dhan Bhava

Second house of astrological birth chart make us acquainted with the affluence and wealth of a person. It tell us about his hold upon the financial front of an individual. It reveals the social status of a person due to his or her financial background. It informs us about the flow of income he or she would be having throughout his life .......

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Third House (3rd)of astrological charts – House of Courage – Shourya Bhava

Third House of astrological charts reveals the strength of mind of a person. It explores the courage and will power of a person. It tells up about his or her potential of taking risks and and confronting his or her potential of taking risks and confronting his or her predicaments of life. It gives us an idea about the dreams, desires and hobbies of the native.....

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Fourth House (4th) of astrology chart – House of Home, Mother and Pleasure – Sukha /Matru Bhava

Forth house represents the family and personal front of the native. It reveals the peace and harmony in his or her life. It informs us about the quantity of dwelling and hovering happiness at home. It depicts the height of understanding in between the family members and with the beloved. It tell us..... .

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Fifth House (5th) of astrology chart – House of competition, Romance and Progeny – Atmaja Bhava

Fifth house of astrology chart emphasizes on the intellect and mental caliber and strength of the native. It explores the height of intelligence of the person to become a leader of masses. It tells us about the autocratic and teaching capacity of an individual. It informs us about the ability of learning and knowledge of the native.....

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Sixth House (6th)of birth chart– House of Health, Enemy and Disease – Vighna Bhava

This house gives an impact upon the relationships of the native with the people surrounding you. It mainly emphasizes on your associations and interactions at your work place. It reveals the height of conspiracies and intrigues the native could confront in his profession throughout his life. It tell us about level of ......

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Seventh House (7th) of birth horoscope– House of Partnerships and Marriage – Kalatra Bhawa

Seventh house of birth horoscope is referred as descendent. This emphasizes mainly on the status of pleasure in marital life of a person. It reveals the strength of relationship with the partner. It also tells us about fidelity and loyalty the person would be paying and getting in the relationship. It gives us a fragrance.....

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Eighth House (8th) of astrological chart – House of Reincarnation, Death and Accidents – Guhya Bhava

This house explores the most important aspect of life that is the span of time for which a person would wander on this ball. It depicts the difficulties and obstacles an individual would rebel with to save his life. It tell us about some incidences and accidents of the life.It also explains the miseries and predicaments......

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Ninth House (9th) of astrology chart – House of philosophy, Fate and Fortune – Dharma/Bhagya Bhava

This house emphasizes on the spiritual and philosophical front of the native. It has a greater impact on height of devotion and belief a person have on omnipresence of the almighty. It tell us about the level of fantasy and visualization in the individual. This house also reveals the level of spirituality in......

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Tenth house (10th) of Birth charts – House of Social Status – Agnya/Karma Bhava

This house emphasize on the stand of a person which gives him economical and social strength. This predicts the professional front of the native and his hold on the same. It has an impact on the inclination of the person towards a particular sector of profession. It explores the platform of recognition......

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Eleventh House (11th) of horoscope chart – House of Casual Gains and Incomes – Labha Bhava

This house predicts the flow of sweet weight without the endeavor of the native in pulling it up. It includes the income from investments and possessions. It predicts the affluence of the person by the depth of his treasure and acquisition. This tells us about the ancestral power of finance he would have in his life.....

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Twelfth House (12th) of Vedic charts – Houses of Losses and Expenses – Vyaya/ Antya Bhava

This house explores the image of financial losses in the life of native. It makes a clear picture of the process of vanishing and decaying in the economical front of the person. It emphasizes on the lavish expenditure of the money on unnecessary matters. It predicts the possibilities of confinement in miserable conditions......

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