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Career Astrology and Horoscope

Career Horoscope and Job Astrology

In today’s world, having a successful career has become increasingly important. Nowadays, everybody is concerned about having a high profile career and their career growth. Many times, it has been difficult to choose a right career. Career astrology is the guiding force to clear the confusion in choosing the right path and excel. A learned astrologer can draw a career horoscope on the basis of your birth data. After the deep analysis of this job horoscope, the celebrity astrologers of our panel provide job predictions and remedies to remove the ill impacts on your job prospects caused by planets.

Our team of celebrity astrologers provides you many astrological solutions to guide you to choose a right and beneficial career as well as remedies and advices to make your existing career better and fruitful for you.

In this section, We offer career query report where you can ask the problems and queries related to your career or job issues where you can ask the complex issues related to career. Our Career Astrology / Job Astrology Report will provide you the most comprehensive analysis of your . We offer following career astrology and career horoscope solutions:

Ask a Career / Job Query

Get the answer of your career related query after the comprehensive analysis of career horoscope from our team of celebrity astrologers. Answers provided by our team which will be accompanied by guidance and remedies will be a definite solution to your job problems

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Ask a Query : Rupees 350 $7

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Ask multiple job queries / ask a complex career issue

Get the answers of multiple queries or discuss an issue with our team of renowned astrologers. Ask maximum 4 questions and describe the issue. Our expert astrologers will provide you the answers along with the remedies which makes this report particularly useful

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Ask Multiple Queries : Rupees 1050 $21

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Career Astrology / Job Astrology Report

Get the comprehensive career report comprising suitable mode of profession and detailed year wise job forecast for 1,2,5,10 and 20 years. Get this report to plan ahead about your career.

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1 Year Report : Rupees 1000 $20

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2 Year Report : Rupees 1200 $24

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5 Year Report : Rupees 1600 $32

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10 Year Report : Rupees 2800 $56

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20 Year Report : Rupees 4700 $94

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2020 Horoscope

Get the detailed Horoscope predictions for the year 2020

2020 horoscope consists astrology prediction for all important aspects of your life for the year 2020 by our celebrity astrologers.


Live consultation

Get the live telephonic consultation from our celebrity astrologers

Get the answers of all the questions related to aspects by using Vedic Astrology principles answered by the team of Vedic astrologers in the 25,45 or 60 minutes astrology session



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Know the right time to do important activities like a foreign travel, starting new business, purchase of new vehicle, travel,marriage, legal case, greh pravesh, etc.


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