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Positive shades of Shani dev's sade sati

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“Almighty planned a phase in our lives to bring us back to the truth of life.......!!”

Positive shades of Shani dev Sade Sati Lord Shani

Saturn is one of the most ferocious planet who have been in between the mortals as a deep fear since ages and so on in the words of science of astrology the planet Saturn have prevailed as the most dreadful planet. With the same expressions the most well-known period of Saturn have also been spread in the folk lore as the most gloomy period of life path specially comprising throughout the land of India.

It’s a clear vision about its impact upon different zodiac signs as it has been mentioned in the words of astrology that the Sade Sati of Shani dev does not effect badly to the natives of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. But it leaves adverse effects upon the births of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio on account of their being universal enemies of Saturn.

It’s the human eyes which only sees the negative shades of surroundings and remembers it so deep and strong that it looses the vision to see the positive shades. As everything on this mortal land have brought some good and bad shades its only upon us to which shades to see and live with. But the truth is that believing in negative side would make us weaker and on positive side would make us stronger.

Some scholars call sade sati a phase of major changes in life which could explore new turns and make you choose a new path in a new direction resulting as changed colors of life path. Through the true vision exploring true meanings of life, we can see to sade sati as a phase making us more stronger to win in the race, a phase to know ourselves, a phase exploring our potential. Sadhe sati is a turn of the path when you confront your mistakes of the past times and realize how wrong you were walking earlier on account of which you could call it a span of learning the true facts of life. Altogether, this difficult phase of life i.e. Sadhe sati comes as for betterment of our inner self so that we would succeed in this left walk of life.

While peeping through the hole painted in spirituality it gives a picture exploring our karmas in our previous existences on land and in our walk till yet in this life as the impact of Sade Sati reflects from our deeds. It says our good and moral doings defends us from the dangerous rage of Lord Shani dev and our evil and sinful doings bring us in front of the furious eyes of the Lord of Saturn as to purify our souls while walking through his fire of rage. Our walking on fire and pieces of glasses have been shown as paying to the almighty for our evil deeds and sins on land for the purification of our inner self. This period is dominantly known for freedom from the feeling of materialism and attachment from the worldly things called as “freedom from Moh Maya”.

Now in one articulation this whole could be taken as Sate Sati of shani dev being the period of detection of souls along with revealing the inner potential which goes through a tough walk and leaves a pure soul along with a true inner self in the end. Acceptance of this vision will give us strength to succeed in this rough road and cover this path with patience and endurance  without acquiring much harm. We should never forget that only hard times shows us the true picture of world around. In other view, it is the only way to smile in pain so that it may reduce a bit.





   Positive shades

Positive shades of sade sati

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Planet saturn


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