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The period of Sade sati or Saturn transit leaves different effects on different zodiacs on account of his relationships with different planets ruling over variant moon signs. These relationships effects the lives of natives by coloring them with different shades and mending the path of mortals in different directions.

This time Saturn transit to Scorpio on 2nd of November 2014 which expresses its 2nd phase of Sade Sati in the lives of Scorpions and conclusion of the Sade Sati from the lives of Virgo natives. The sade sati will have following impacts on Aries or mesha rashi for the period of 2014 ,2015, 2016 and initial part of 2017

Impact of Sade sati on Aries / Mesha rasi in 2015, 2016

With the transit of Saturn in the enclosure of moon sign Scorpio, it reflects upon the eight house of Aries or Mesha rasi. The eighth house is the house of mysteries, research and span of life. The influence of Saturn upon eighth house of Mesha rasi due to its presence is known as Ashtama Sani, the one of the most difficult phase of Saturn's transit.

The Transit of Shani in the 8th bhava of Aries or Mesha rasi or Ashtama Shani would bring difficulties and harshness in the native's path ahead. The native has to put many efforts in their undertakings and feel lots of stress in their career / profession. Mesha rashi natives need to be cautious from their colleagues as the colleagues may harm their reputation. The 8th house represents the mysteries. So the enemies would not harm you from the front, instead, they would do the conspiracies behind your back. Mesha rashi should also be cautious from friends as some of them would turn against them and try to malign their image. The Aries people in business should be cautious in case of new investments in to their business and should not invest big amount on the advice of others. Love/marital life of mesh rasi would be average. They may face problems and disputes in love /marital life and need to have patience. In general, they would be able to save their relationships but efforts would be required

The Ashtama Shani for Aries or Mesha rasi would make them feel many times distractions, low energy level, and indifference in many activities of life. This would further make their way difficult as they would be lesser interested to solve their problems. The health part of Mesha rashi would get impacted and diseases could happen. But these people would be able to recover fast and regain their health. Since 8th house represent deep research and knowledge as well, this period of Ashtama Sani in this rasi would confront Mesh rashi with the true meaning of life and would make them emerge wiser and acquire spiritual knowledge. The people who are related to any kind of research would take great leaps ahead in to their path. The people with spiritual inclination would be able to detach more from worldly affiliations and would have spiritual elevation.

Due to the Saturn transit, The hardships of arrival of Saturn in the 8th bhava of Mesha rasi could lead towards weakening of relationships due to emergence of misunderstandings in between at one part and would bring sickness to the native's mother, weakness to the native, anemia and black spots around the eye on the other part. The Aries or Mesha rasi natives would be prone to cuts, wounds and minor accidents during this period and could also have much long distant travels resulting in physical stress.

During this phase of Ashtama Sani, Lord Shani would bless you with goodness of wisdom and spiritual inclination but won't let it be visible to the world as deserting you from worthy appreciations at times. Besides this, there could also be some difficulties on the money part with many fluctuations in the financial stature of Mesha rasi natives. With some more extension of harshness for these natives, they would also face some strain in relationships as especially with the partner. At the whole of it, the Mesha natives could be disappointed at times but they are advised to keep the belief alive within and keep walking with the positivism in mind as this phase is only a phase of difficult learning.

Remedies for Mesha Rasi

In this Saturn Transit, Those Aries or mesha rashi natives who are moving through some adverse dasha or bhukti of 4th or 8th lords should stay very cautious while traveling and handling hazardous instruments. These natives are recommended to recite shani mantras like shani gayatri, Shani Kavacha or shani stotra daily for reducing the malefic impacts of Sade sati. They should also visit navagraha temple and do pradakshina along with reciting namaskar mantras and should fast on Saturdays to please the lord Shani.

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