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     Saturn or Shani transit though various Houses in birth chart

Planet Saturn Variant phases of Sade Sati | General Impact of Sade sati | Variant aspects of differently effecting Sade Sati | Positive shades of Sade Sati | Remedies for pleasing Saturn | Mantras for Lord Shani | Variant effects on different houses | Impacts on Aries / Mesha | Impacts on Taurus / Vrishabha | Impacts on Gemini / Mithuna | Impacts on Cancer / Karka | Impacts with Leo / Singh  | Impacts on Virgo / Kanya | Impacts on Libra / Tula | Impacts on Scorpio / Vrishchika | Impacts on Sagittarius / Dhanu| Impacts on Capricorn / Makara | Impacts on Aquarius / Kumbha | Impacts on Pisces / Meena

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Saturn transit through various houses 0f birth chart  Lord Shani

Sade sati is the period of planet Saturn which is the shadow image of Lord Shani who have always been feared for bringing hurdles in the life path of the natives of earth so on for the same reason his planet is also feared from in the same way. In astrology, planet Saturn is believed to give variant effects on different houses and is perceived to leave worst impacts upon 12th, 1st and 2nd house which collectively has been known as the period of Sade Sati.


The variant impacts Shani  transit leaves in different houses from moon sign are as follows:

Transit of shani through twelfth (12th) house Very destructive, much expanses, debts, imprisonment, Unpopularity

Transit of sani through ascendant (1st) house Absolutely bad, Problems in health and mental peace, problems in marital life and profession, lesser support from friends  

Transit of sani through second (2nd) house Financial loss, inimical relatives, Problems in convincing people, lesser influence, blockage of money, Problem in mental peace

Transit of shani through third (3rd) house Monetary gain, good level of efforts, Good level of profession, gains though investments and speculation 

Transit of shani through forth 4th house Increase enemies, problems in profession, problems from enemies and diseases, problems in health, problems in reputation

Transit of  sani hrough fifth (5th) house Trouble from children or from disciples of Guru or students of a teacher, problems in money flow, problems with spouse and with business partners, problems in savings

Transit of shani through sixth (6th)house  Financial gains,  win over enemies, popularity , increase in influence, Good health, Relief from previous diseases

Transit of Saturn through seventh (7th)house  Bad in many ways, problem with business partners,  disharmony in marital life, problems in health, lesser favor from luck, Lesser interest or indifference towards religious activities or good and pious deeds

Transit of lord shani through eighth (8th)house  Enemies increase, problems in savings, Problems in relations with authorities, problems in education, relations with children will not be in good shape  

Transit of lord Saturn through ninth (9th) house   Financial loss, problems from friends, problems in gains, problems from enemies, diseases

Transit of sani bhagwan through tenth (10th) house  Mental agony, problems in mental peace, problems from over-expanses, problems in business, problems in love relations

Transit of shani god through eleventh (11th) house  Financial gain, good relations with friends, gains from speculations 



   Positive shades

Positive shades of sade sati

The section explains about the positive impacts of

sade sati against the popular myth that

sade sati is always



Planet Saturn


Planet saturn


All about Plant Saturn, the detailed description of astrological impacts of planet Saturn




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