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Planet Saturn or Shani Dev

Planet Saturn Variant phases of Sade Sati | Variant aspects of differently effecting Sade Sati | Positive shades of Sade Sati | Remedies for pleasing Saturn | Mantras for Lord Shani | Variant effects on different houses | Impacts on Aries / Mesha | Impacts on Taurus / Vrishabha | Impacts on Gemini / Mithuna | Impacts on Cancer / Karka | Impacts with Leo / Singh  | Impacts on Virgo / Kanya | Impacts on Libra / Tula | Impacts on Scorpio / Vrishchika | Impacts on Sagittarius / Dhanu| Impacts on Capricorn / Makara | Impacts on Aquarius / Kumbha | Impacts on Pisces / Meena

“Almighty planned a phase in our lives to bring us back to the truth of life.......!!”

Planet Saturn

Lord ShaniIn the language of astrology, Lord Saturn is among the most malefic Planets believed to leave adverse effects on the horoscope as it reflects delays, gloom, frustrations, defeats, betrayals, failures and losses. But in true picture of it, shani dev is a potent planet which always enhances the potency of the surroundings in the horoscope like it would strength up house in which it is present in spite of whether the house signifies positive impacts or negative. Considering some other significant points, sometimes lord shani could also turn the positive reflection into negative due to its presence but still it could not be called to be entirely negatively reflecting planet.

In the words of Hindu perception supported by doctrines, the Lord of planet Saturn, the Lord Shani is believed to be a very aggressive deity who always assumed to be pleased and should never be ignored for staying away from his wrath and well being. But on the other side of the coin, it has also been said that pleasing him and paying gratitude to the Lord Shani brings good fortune, success in every direction and the lord confer his divine protection to the devotee. Nevertheless it could not be ignored that mortals are afraid of the lord and his furious eye as so on from the presence of his soul image in the sky and planet Saturn in the horoscope. Nowadays planet Saturn is also excepted in western astrology for being a dreadful celestial body leaving gloomy impacts on horoscopes.

Planet Saturn or lord shani has been present in Hindu mythology since ages with its long tale back from origin. In the scared words, Saturn is the son of Lord Surya possessing completely opposite colors from his paradisiacal father. They are two entirely different portraits representing the son and the father as Sun is the divine light, spreading brightness in the lives and on the other hand, Saturn expresses darkness pouring gloom on land. Sun is the divine symbol of domination and governance in the world while the Saturn represents deteriorating and poverty on land. Sun is the is beginning of all lives and the life itself but his son Saturn confer hurdles and obstructions resulting as end of life. This whole is enough to explore the two opposite poles of universe holding a thread binding them together.







   Positive shades

Positive shades of sade sati

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Planet Saturn


Planet saturn


All about Plant Saturn, the detailed description of astrological impacts of planet Saturn




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