Impacts of sade sati on Sagittarius /  Dhanu rasi in 2014 -2015 by - Saturn Transit impacts on Dhanu rashi in 2014, 2015
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 Sade sati on Sagittarius / Dhanu rasi

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This time Saturn transit to Scorpio on 2nd of November 2014 which expresses its starting of Sade Sati in the lives of Sagittarians and conclusion of the Sade Sati from the lives of Virgo natives. The sade sati will have following impacts on Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi for the period of 2014 ,2015, 2016 and initial part of 2017

Impact of Sade sati on Sagittarius / Dhanu rasi in 2014, 2015

The transit of Saturn or Shani in Scorpio or Vrischika rashi brings the commencement or starting of sade sati for Sagittarius or Dhanu rasi. The first phase of sade sati expresses the starting of hard times for dhanu rashi natives. It will change the way they look upon the life. The period would mainly create hurdles and obstacles in career and financial arenas for Sagittarius or Dhanu rasi natives.

The sade sati for Dhanu rashi natives would put these natives in to difficult assignments in work place and not much help will be provided by the colleagues and authorities. These natives have to work hard and make their own way by the sustained efforts. This would be their only way to get over the obstacles presented by this period. They need to keep their confidence and positive thinking and try to surge ahead. The people in business would face problems in case of managing their employees. In this period employees would be unsatisfied with the and their would be negative impacts on productivity. The Sagittarius or Dhanu rasi natives need to control their finances as well and should not go for any big expansion of business.

The love / marital part of Dhanu rashi natives would see ups and down in relationship. The people who are not in any relationship should be cautious in starting any relationship otherwise the deception is possible which would make them unhappy and sad on personal front. The health part of Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi natives would see decline in immunity of body. This would cause many seasonal and general infections many times in this period. The physical health will be average. You would be under lot of mental stress during this time.

The Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi natives need to take care of their finances. Any risks in financial sphere should be avoided. You are advised to save as much money as possible instead of investing them into risky ventures. Share market will be only suitable when you are investing in small amounts and with cautions. Betting and speculation should be strictly avoided. Mutual funds will be good for you.

Remedies for Sagittarius or Dhanu rasi for 2014 and 2015

The Sagittarius natives are advised to stay on the moral and spiritual path during this phase as it would bring them blessings and would reduce the malefic effects. They should carry pure thoughts, should keep visiting temples and should keep the belief upon divinity alive within. They are also advised to recite Shani Kavacha everyday and visit navagraha temple on Saturdays.


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