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This time Saturn transit to Scorpio on 2nd of November 2014 which expresses its first phase of Sade Sati in the lives of Sagittarius natives and conclusion of the Sade Sati from the lives of Virgo natives. The sade sati will have following impacts on Libra or Tula rashi for the period of 2014 ,2015, 2016 and initial part of 2017

Impact of Sade sati on Libra / Tula rasi in 2015, 2016

The transit of Saturn or shani in the Scorpio for the natives having Libra or Tula rasi as their natal moon sign would bring mixed results. The results would be mixed for Libra or Tula rashi natives because they are in the last phase of sade sati which is considered to be the most difficult of the three phases of sade sati but severe impacts are reduced because for Tula rashi, Saturn is yoga-karaka planet So It would not give very adverse results to the natives of Libra . Overall, this would be a period of mixture of benefic and malefic impacts for Tula Rashi.

Libra or Tula rashi natives would find problems in case of career. The problems would be not from the outside i.e colleagues and authorities but it from the internal side. The Libra natives would find many times confused in this period in taking important decisions. This would cause them not much growth in career. The Tula rasi natives would many times find themselves indifferent towards the career. This period would not cause many problems to these natives but not much growth as well. They should the remedies described below to have better results.

Libra or Tula rashi natives in business should be cautious in case of expansion of the business. If they stick to their previous business, they are going to have lesser problems, but if they plan for expansion, problems would be more. In case of expansion, many times, they would become indecisive and that would cost them heavily. The people who would not go for expansion and stick to their business would have some operational problems and would get much stress some times.

In financial arena, Tula rashi natives should be cautious in terms of risky investments. Speculation and gambling should be strictly avoided. They can gain from share market but they need tobe cautious and not invest big amounts in to share market. Real estate investment should be avoided. But the libra native who wants to buy a house for his own use, they can go ahead to purchase the house.

The love/marital life of Libra or Tula rashi natives would see some problems from time to time in this period. The Libra person himself would be the cause of the problems in the domestic life. They would become argumentative and many times, this would be the cause of disputes and lack of harmony in relationship. Tula rasi natives are advised to be more calm and reasonable in case of relationship. The health part of this zodiac would be average. There would be any big diseases but many small diseases would trouble them from time to time. Mental tension could be more, Stress level could be high sometimes in this period

Remedies for Libra / Tula rashi

The Libra or Tula rashi natives are recommended to recite shani mantras like shani gayatri, Shani Kavacha or shani stotra daily for reducing the malefic impacts of Sade sati. They should also visit navagraha temple and do pradakshina along with reciting namaskar mantras and should fast on Saturdays to please the lord Shani.

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