Impacts of sade sati on Virgo /  Kanya rasi in 2014 by - Saturn Transit impacts on Virgo rashi impacts in 2014, 2015
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 Sade sati on Virgo / Kanya rasi

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This time Saturn transit to Libra on 15th  of November 2011 which expresses its commencement of Sade Sati in the lives of Scorpions and conclusion of the Sade Sati from the lives of Leos. The sade sati will have following impacts on Virgo or Kanya rashi for the period of 2014 ,2015, and some part of 2016

Impact of Sade sati on Virgo / Kanya rasi in 2014

The transit of Saturn in Libra or Tula Rasi that is 2nd house for the natives having Virgo or Kanya rasi as their natal moon sign results in difficult and harsh path of life ahead for the Virgo or Kanya rashi natives people. Entrance of Saturn in their second house is the articulation of the third phase of Sade Sati for Virgo or Kanya rasi natives

The second house is dominated by the aspects of affluence and oratory skills in their life and the presence of Saturn here represents the last stage of Sade Sati for Kanya rashi natives. The natives could use harsh tone and language which could hurt the people around them. The period would also impacts the finances of Kanya rasi natives. They should be careful on their expenditure part. They should also use their debit/credit cards with caution as they could be prone to financial fraud in this period

This time pf transit could be taken as end phase of your difficult times after a long span of time. This period would also be a bit hard for Virgo or Kanya rashi people on their emotional part as they may find themselves surrounded by difficulties in handling some relations enclosing them like some from their close enclosure and colleagues might went to stand on their opposite side.

At home Kanya rasi or Virgo people might be surrounded by some problems evolved from arguments leading towards quarrels and conflicts which would vanish the peace and harmony at home as leaving them in more disturbed state. This whole bunch of hindrances would also comprise the misunderstandings surrounding them which would weaken their enclosure of loved ones which might include their spouse too.

For kanya rashi natives, this period could enhance their enemies and bad relations leading towards the loss of harmony around. This third phase of Sade Sati in the lives of Virgo will make them confront some hindrances on the part of their health and wealth which will make them walk of life more difficult to accomplish but they should cross this road as remaining strong with the believe of them approaching their better time sooner. This phase would require Virgo or Kanya rasi natives to keep a lot of patience and belief alive in them and keep working hard and moving ahead as it will bring them a pleasant morning soon. Altogether, the presence of Saturn in the 2nd bhava of Kanya rashi will result in creating delays in the path of these natives and would induce hurdles making their path tougher. This will bring lack of peace to the natives and a stressful phase.

Besides this, if the Virgo natives would be moving through any adverse dasha of rahu, kaju or shani, it would make them prone to accidents and injuries. They are advised not to pursue any investments during this period. These Virgo natives should stay very cautious while traveling and handling hazardous instruments. These natives are recommended to recite shani mantras like shani gayatri, Shani Kavacha or shani stotra daily for reducing the malefic impacts of Sade sati. They should also visit navagraha temple and do pradakshina along with reciting namaskar mantras and should fast on Saturdays to please the lord Shani.


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