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Different effects of Sade Sati

Planet Saturn Variant phases of Sade Sati | General Impact of Sade sati | Variant aspects of differently effecting Sade Sati | Positive shades of Sade Sati | Remedies for pleasing Saturn | Mantras for Lord Shani | Variant effects on different houses | Impacts on Aries / Mesha | Impacts on Taurus / Vrishabha | Impacts on Gemini / Mithuna | Impacts on Cancer / Karka | Impacts with Leo / Singh  | Impacts on Virgo / Kanya | Impacts on Libra / Tula | Impacts on Scorpio / Vrishchika | Impacts on Sagittarius / Dhanu| Impacts on Capricorn / Makara | Impacts on Aquarius / Kumbha | Impacts on Pisces / Meena

Variant aspects of differently effecting Sade Sati

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Lord Shani

Saturn and his period of Sade Sati has always been known notoriously to have been giving negative impacts on the horoscopes and making the lives miserable on mortal lands but in true vision it brings some changes in the life path which could be either negative or positive depending upon the horoscope chart of the native. There are different aspects answering the impacts of Sade Sati upon the native which gives us a clear picture of the same.

Itís a clear vision about its impact upon different zodiac signs as it has been mentioned in the words of astrology that the Sade Sati of Saturn does not effect badly to the natives of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. This negatively known period is believed to be reflecting positively and prosperous for these natives.

Now we will present the predicted negative reflections of astrology on the pages of Sade Sati of Saturn. The predictions of astrology says that if the Saturn is placed with Moon, their being in concert crafts emotional crises in the walk of the person. It leaves adverse effects upon the births of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio on account of their being universal enemies of Saturn.

The most damaging impacts will come for Canner and Leo. The reason behind this is very obvious. For cancer moon sign, the Saturn in the first phase or dhaiya would enter in to Gemini which is a sign of friend of Saturn, mercury so this period will not bring much bad results. The next dhiaya will see saturn entering in to cancer which will be damaging as moon is the enemy of Saturn. The next phase will be most damaging one as the saturn would enter into it's stark enemy's sign Leo. For Leo moon sign, the first dhaiya of cancer will be damaging, second dhaiya of Leo will be very damaging, third dhaiya of Virgo  will be normal    

Planet Venus and Mercury are perceived to be the friends of Saturn whereas planet Jupiter remains neutral which keeps these planets quiet far from the malefic effects of Sade Sati.

There is one other aspect as well evolving out of position of moon in the chart as if it is placed in first house or in Aries, it would result as trouble in upper part of the body. The transition of Saturn over 5th house creates problems in front of the children of the native, and over 7th house it could emerge as adverse for the spouse.




   Positive shades

Positive shades of sade sati

The section explains about the positive impacts of

sade sati against the popular myth that

sade sati is always



Planet Saturn


Planet saturn


All about Plant Saturn, the detailed description of astrological impacts of planet Saturn




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