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Shani Dhaiya

Planet Saturn Variant phases of Sade Sati | General Impact of Sade sati   |Variant aspects of differently effecting Sade Sati | Positive shades of Sade Sati | Remedies for pleasing Saturn | Mantras for Lord Shani | Variant effects on different houses | Impacts on Aries / Mesha | Impacts on Taurus / Vrishabha | Impacts on Gemini / Mithuna | Impacts on Cancer / Karka | Impacts with Leo / Singh  | Impacts on Virgo / Kanya | Impacts on Libra / Tula | Impacts on Scorpio / Vrishchika | Impacts on Sagittarius / Dhanu| Impacts on Capricorn / Makara | Impacts on Aquarius / Kumbha | Impacts on Pisces / Meena

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Dhaiya of Saturn

Lord Shani

Planet Saturn stays in each house or each zodiac for 2.5years and then moves towards the next one. This revolutions of planet Saturn which is known as presence of Lord Shanni in folklore, keeps on going as completing one cycle in almost 30years and then starting the next one. It can also be understood as the revolving of Saturn in the Sky besides revolving of its Shadow on land. The stay of Saturn in each zodiac is known separately as Dhaiya and the fearful word Sade Sati comprises 3 Dhaiya's or phases starting from 12th house, followed by 1st house and ending at 2nd house. These all three Dhaiya's leave different impacts.

1st Dhaiya of Sade Sati

First Dhaiya is about the stay of planet Saturn on the 12th house in the horoscope of the person. It is the place of expression of comfort, luxury and expenditure of the native, and as planet Saturn is known for enhancing the negative reflections in the lives of the mortals. First Dhaiya of sadhe sati boosts up the level of expenditure as more lavishing resulting in downgrading finances accompanied by poverty, lack of prestige and honor followed by lack of comfort. As this house also predicts stay in foreign lands, the planet produces aimless travels further impacting the finance and status badly.   

The negative rays of Saturn from this house reaches to parents and closed ones of the native as it would effect the health of grandmother which might end up with her death. This phase could also bring shani dosha which bring defeats to the father in different directions resulting as more troublesome for the native. It could also answer in weak eyesight of the native compelling towards the adoption of spectacles.

Saturn also create a feeling of isolation and could compel the person to be in solitude after being fed up of the materialism outside in the world. In the last phases of life it could break the touch of the person with the surroundings and could lead him towards Sanyas while leaving behind his or her worldly threads of relations and colors of comfort and affluence. This whole could also be articulated as living in the quest of true meaning of life.

2nd Dhaiya of Sade Sati

Second Dhaiya or second Cycle is the expression of changes in the lives on account of residing of Planet Saturn in the first house or Ascendant for the span of 2.5years. The first house is the ascending Lord of horoscope chart expressing the attitudes of the native, his or her health and path of life. Presence of Saturn in the first house could create difficulties in the path of life, loss of morals or ethics, hurdles of health and would leave the native in a state of ambiguous predicament leading towards sorrows.

This is the destination exploring ways for all directions as it expresses all aspects of life of the native to some extend on account of which the presence of Saturn induces impediments and hurdles in the walk of the native and makes his or her life difficult. In simpler language, the shades of the gloomy planet produces shani dosha which surrounds the person with hindrances in the two major aspects of life that is career and family life.

Second Dhaiya of sadhe sati in the horoscope could produce bad health of the native and his closed ones which might result in the death of some relatives. Second Dhaiya of sadhe sati creates the possibilities of loss and harm from foes and enemies and surrounds the native with betrayals. Second Dhaiya of sadhe sati could also produce some distances in the closed relations in the family through shifting to distant places and might create loss of friends. This is believed to produce loss of wealth, presence of obstructions, delays, failures further creating physical and mental weakness which could also comprise imprisonment in worst effects of the planet.

3rd Dhaiya of Sade Sati

Third Dhaiya is the end phase of Sade Sati of Saturn and its about the period of Saturn in the 2nd house of the horoscope chart. The second house in the horoscope describes the strength of affluence and its channels along with the oratory skills. The shadow of planet Saturn in the second house produces shani dosha which would enhance worries coming out of hurdles, failures after hard efforts and bad health. It leaves the native in a disturbed state of mind surrounded by misunderstandings accompanied by stress emerged out of financial weakening.

Third Dhaiya of sadhe sati has the most dominating effect on health of the native which could lead him or her to the end of life as it possesses a greater potency of inducing the chances of death specially when comes in the last phases of life. Third Dhaiya of sadhe sati effects the financial stature of the person by weakening it along with downgrading the position leading towards stress about the same. The financial gain would turn in loss on account of some deceptions which would surround you. This whole would result in vanishing happiness and would further add to physical weakness. This period could also result as in death of children when some other aspects would suit too.

Third Dhaiya of sadhe sati expresses the harsh face of the Saturn as turning very tough and cruel to the native, showing him or her the toughest walk of life.



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Planet Saturn


Planet saturn


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