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Moon in 4th house | Chandra in 4th bhava | Moon in Fourth house

Moon is believed to be one of the benefic celestial presence but as it's the most softest and fragile among all the planets, it could also appear malefic at times. Here, Moon has arrived in its own house for which, the placement of Moon is very much strong in the 4th bhava and so on the native and his/her mental composure will be strongly impacted by the Moon. These natives with Moon in Fourth house will be very much sensitive at the core and will be deeply attached to their belongings specially with those which they possess since the very beginning including, their family values & norms, their primitive home and their heritage. These people with Moon in 4th house try to keep their part alive as they don't want anything to change around neither they would ever like to be the part of westernization. This further makes them quiet inclined towards antiques and genealogy.

The natives with Moon in their Fourth house are believed to be vulnerable and delicate from inside and due to the same, they confront much restlessness and instability of mental state. Their immense impatience could take them towards frequent change of place. They seek for mental security throughout their lives as from their mother, husband and family members. They are quiet depending in their approach towards life and would remain a child from the core throughout their lives. The people of this placement of Moon in 4th house are believed to be generous, kind and soft at heart besides which they are believed to attain respect and honor in their professional and social enclosure as even rewards from the government is also possible. The native of having Chandra in 4th bhava are believed to acquire good educational heights while if the Jupiter gets placed in 6th bhava with Chandra in 4th bhava then, he/she would be best suited to the parental business. Besides this, the company of 4 planets to the Moon in Fourth bhava will make the native very much strong at the financial aspects.

These people should offer milk instead of water to guests besides which selling of milk or burning of milk for making khoya will bring adverse impacts to the native. He/she should strictly stay away from adultery and should pay services and reverence to the mother and motherly figures and should seek their blessings. These individuals should place a pitcher or vessel or any container filled with milk at home before beginning any auspicious work. The adverse placement of Jupiter in the 10th bhava could be defended by taking the grandfather to pilgrims and worshipping along with him. In the end, the native would have good income as well as good expenditure.

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