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Moon in 5th house | Chandra in 5th bhava | Moon in fifth house

The Moon is the most softest celestial presence and is the giver of immense emotions to human beings and so on the arrival of Moon in the fifth house will make the native very sensitive at the core as his/her approach towards almost every aspect will be dominated with their sentiments. This will further make them quiet fragile at the mental composure and core.

The natives of this placement having Moon in 5th house are very much attached to their loved ones and they will be very much concerned and protective towards them and specially towards their children for which they would rarely give them freedom besides which they will be very much devoted and dependent upon love or conjugal relations but there would be some problems in them. These people having Chandra in fifth house are generally kind and generous to others though they won't receive the same kindness from others and could be hurt many a times for which they seek for security in life.

The natives of this placement of Moon in 5th house lacks at the practical understanding and would be quiet fantastical in their approach which further makes them truly creative. These natives are childlike in their approach which could become a reason for harm at taking risks besides which their sensitivity could also take them towards immoral path.

The placement of Moon in the 5th bhava with benefic placement of Ketu will result in the birth of 5 sons even if Moon is accompanied by malefic planets besides which it will take the native towards doing good for others with his learning but others won't be good to the person while on the other hand, the selfish and covetous attitude of the native could destroy him/her. The native having chandra in fifth bhava should keep his/her plans secret as revealing them would bring harm from closed ones.

The natives having chandra in fifth bhava should take concern towards his/her words which could be very harsh at times and should stay away from covetousness and selfish vision as this could harm him/her very much. While being honest and loyal in his/her approach will be very beneficial for the natives of this placement. Social services and doing good to others will bring divine blessings to the person.

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