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Moon in 11th house | Chandra in 11th bhava | Moon in eleventh house

The Moon is the most pleasant and warm presence of celestial arena for which it is a well perceived benefic presence while the same softness could also bring problems at times. The arrival of Moon in the 11th house would bring positive impacts and would bless the person with a blissful & happy life.

The natives of this placement of Moon in the 11th house would be truly warm and humanitarian from the core as they would carry the approach for the goodness of all around. They would carry many true relations around and would develop great friendships comprising most of women. They feel secure in relationships as it could be said that relations are their need. They possess immense emotions and so on, respect others emotions.

The natives of this placement having Moon in the 11th house possess variant passions and dreams but at the whole they desire deep to reach the high mounts and carry high aspirations and in all that, they always remain unselfish but being quiet unstable in their approach they could often change their future plans. These people having Chandra in eleventh bhava needs to be quiet firm and stable in their path as that will bring them great success.

The eleventh house in the horoscope chart receives the influence of planet Jupiter & Saturn for which this house would provide the results from this combination. The arrival of Moon on eleventh bhava would adversely affect the native's son while if ketu gets placed over the 4th bhava in the horoscope chart, then it will bring negative impacts to the native's mother.

The profession associated with mercury would not bring benefits if the Moon would be malefic here. These natives should not buy or begin the construction of house on Saturday and should not pursue kanyadan or get involve in any marriage on Fridays as it will bring adverse impacts upon the native.

The natives of this placement having Chandra in eleventh bhava should offer milk in sacred places and donate milk to needy people. You should heat a piece of gold and put the same in a glass of milk before drinking it. These natives should offer 125 pieces of sweet preferred peda in a river.

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