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Moon in 6th house | Chandra in 6th bhava | Moon in sixth house

Moon is a divine giver of emotions and love to human beings for which the arrival of Moon in the 6th bhava would highly impact upon the mental composure of the native as it will provide the softer composure of mind to these people which would make them sympathetic and helpful but will also be a reason of their restlessness.

The natives of this placement having Moon in 6th house are truly sincere at work and are very much concern about the productivity and accomplishment of their work besides which they always wants it to be best and for the same reasons dissatisfaction from work leads them towards disturbed mental appearance. These people having chandra in sixth bhava are quiet prone to tension when it comes to work. This could also lead them towards frequent change in jobs and could make them professionally unstable. These people would also confront some problems in their educational path as well.

The natives born with Moon in 6th house would be very much flexible and understanding at work with the colleagues and would give all their possible help for them but their sweet attitude only could become a reason of annoyance for some other people. They could confront some health problems which would arise from much work pressure and mental pressure due to work. These natives having chandra in sixth bhava are very emotionally attached to their work for which good work will be a significant reason for their happiness and they stay peaceful while being busy with their work.

The sixth house gets impacted with the placements of planet Mercury & Ketu in the horoscope chart besides which the Moon gets affected with the placements in 2nd, 4th, 8th and 12th bhava. Besides this, the malefic placement of Moon in 6th house along with planet Mercury placed in 2nd & 12th bhava would bring suicidal thoughts to the native while the malefic placement of Moon with placement of Sun in 12th bhava would bring severe eye problems to the spouse of the native.

The natives of this placement having Moon in sixth house should serve milk with respect to their fathers and should not have milk at night while having the milk during day time and intake of all milk products doesn't have any bad impacts but these natives should not donate milk though these people could give or confer it at pious places.

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