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Moon in 7th house | Chandra in 7th bhava | Moon in seventh house

The Moon is the divine giver of emotions and immense softness at the core for which the arrival of Moon in 7th house would also bring sentiments and gentleness to the aspects of this house. Besides this, Moon would bring trueness and beauty to the native's life. The natives born in this placement having Moon in 7th house are believed to be very much sensitive from the core and specially for their relationships as they will be very much loving in their attitude and would be very much attached to their loved ones. These people would make strong relations and would leave deep impacts upon others through their affectionate attitude but they are quiet hasty in relationships. Besides this, they possess a hidden crave for love and to be in a intimate relationship for which love & marriage is very important part of their life and could be perceived as the need of their core.

These people having Chandra in seventh bhava are truly sincere and devoted towards their relationships for which they are believed to be bestowed with deep and lovely relationships and a beautiful conjugal path. The marriage will be a way to fill the emotional blanks in the native's life. These natives with Moon in 7th bhava really need some true souls around to protect & support their inner core and so on to lead a blissful and peaceful life. These natives having Chandra in 7th bhava would be the ocean of emotional strength for those who need in the family as well as in their outer surrounding. These natives would be truly fantastical and spiritual from the core.

The seventh house belongs to planet Venus and Mercury for which it would get impacted by the planetary placements of this planets. Besides this, if the Sun would get placed in the first house then, it will affect the placement of Moon towards the positive direction and would bring pleasing benefits form the relatives to the native. Besides this, the native would be blessed with educational heights along with strong affluence. These natives would always be strong at the part of finance though they might not have lumps of property. The natives of this placement of Chandra in seventh house should stay obedient and truly devoted towards their mother to avoid the adverse impacts. These natives should not marry in the 24th yr of your life as it would bring a lot of problems in their conjugal path. These people should never sell milk or water as a business or for earning profit and should not burn milk for khoya. The spouse of the native should bring silver & rice from his/her parents in an equal amount of her/his weight.

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