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Moon in 9th house | Chandra in 9th bhava | Moon in ninth house

The Moon is a well perceived benefic presence whose immense goodness & softness is the only reason behind adverse impacts. Besides this, the arrival of Moon in the 9th house would bring most of the Moon shades upon the native's core with a special fantastical blend of Moon.

The natives of this placement having Moon in 9th house would be truly fantastical and imaginary in their approach towards life as they would lack the practical understanding at large. The natives having Chandra in ninth bhava will see at everything with a imaginary vision and will perceive their own world beyond the sky and will firmly believe upon the same as well but they are quiet imbalanced at their mind. They are highly curious in their approach.

These people having Moon in 9th house are sincere in their attitude and are strong followers of spiritual and philosophical norms and believes. They are affectionate and warm in their approach and possess pure thoughts but Moon keeps them unsatisfied with their present at most of the times. Their mind always ask them to move somewhere far away from the present place and so on they are perceived to travel much in life and would perceive the knowledge of variant people and their culture. This is a pacifier of mental restlessness of these native having Chandra in ninth bhava

The ninth house is ruled by planet Jupiter for which the native will receive the impacts of planet Jupiter as well besides which the friendly relation between the Jupiter and Moon would bring positive results to the person. These natives would have a life path of 75yrs besides which, it will bring comforts & pleasures from the Son and truly keeps the person upon the spiritual and moral path. Besides this, a positive placement in the 3rd house would endow the person with great prosperity and wealth.

These natives Moon in 9th bhava should keep the things associated with Moon inside the house like square piece of silver. They should offer milk to snakes and rice to fishes and should serve laborers with milk.

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