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Moon in 10th house |  Chandra in 10th bhava | Moon in tenth house

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The Moon is one of the most pleasant presence but could also appear somewhat difficult at times while on the other hand, it lacks at the aspects of power and rules over creativity. Here, the arrival of Moon in 10th house would definitely bring the contented pictures of professional and social life but with some instability. The people of this placement having Moon in 10th house would seek towards attaining high mounts in the professional arena for which they would try their efforts in variants paths and would give their best to develop a strong platter for themselves in the social enclosure. They are very much concerned about their presence and stand in the world and feel satisfied and peaceful when they receive good attention and admiration. They could be in marketing, shipping commodities or professions serving the public some how.

The natives of this placement Moon in 10th bhava would carry a blend of emotions even in their vision towards career path as their professional decisions would be somewhat influenced with their sentimental preferences while on the other hand, they keep on trying to protect their vulnerable core. They are emotionally craved towards success and achievements which would take them towards heights but itís a difficulty as well.  Their immense emotional side could be a problem in their professional path.The natives of this placement are very much sincere towards their goals as they want to do something appreciable in life and something that would satisfy their family as it gives them immense happiness to come up to others expectations and as well as of themselves while not being able to reach them would be a reason for their distress.

The tenth house is ruled by planet Saturn and is affected by the placement of 4th bhava which is ruled by Moon and so on it develops a pleasant relation between the Saturn & Moon. Here the placement of Chandra in the 10th bhava bestows longevity to the native that is a age of almost 90years. But the natural inimical relationship between the Saturn and Moon will leave liquid medicines harmful for the person, milk will prove poisonous in night while if the native would be in a medical profession then, dry medicines given by him/her would be magically beneficial for others.

These people having Chandra in tenth bhava would acquire great success and affluence in the surgery professions. Besides this, the vacant 2nd & 4th bhava would bestow him/her heavy influence while if Saturn gets placed over the ascendant then, the native would spoil his/her life due to opposite sex as especially with widow/widower. He/She would receive great benefits from the profession associated with Saturn. The natives of this placement of chandra in tenth bhava are advised to pursue religious rituals and to pay respect & worship to deities as it would further enhance the fortune of the person. They should never have milk in the night and should stay away from immoral liquor, non-vegetarian food and adultery as that will kept the adverse impacts away. They should keep a container filled with rain or river water within the house for 15years as it will keep the evil impacts of Moon away from the person.

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