Venus in 6th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Venus in Sixth house, Shukra in 6th bhava

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Venus in 6th House| Shukra in 6th Bhava| Venus in Sixth house

The planet Venus or Shukra is the provider of calmness in attitude and gentleness to the core for which the presence of planet Venus in 6th house would bestow the softness to the aspects of this house. These natives would stay affectionate even at their work place besides which they would be admired and loved by many around for being truly flexible and humanitarian at work place as well.

The natives of this placement of Venus in sixth house would create a pleasing and peaceful environment at work and would be very helpful to others as they would carry the approach of growing with everyone around besides which their charming and warm persona would develop strong relations around at work place.

These people would rarely have any foes and enemies at work. Apart from this, their sincerity and determination towards work will make them attain acknowledgement from the superiors.

The natives of this placement of Venus in 6th house would create a interesting and loving environment even at work place but they will remain sincere towards work. They will keep the optimism alive in the air. The sixth house gets impacted to planet Mercury and Ketu who shares a inimical relation in between but the planet Venus shares a pleasant relation with both for which this placements appears to be good for the natives of this placement but its also the place of debilitation for the planet Venus which could also reverse the impacts as depending upon the planetary placements.

The natives of this placement of Shukra in 6th house should keep the opposite gender happy and should provide them all the comforts as it will bring good growth of affluence and position to the native. The wife of the male native should not get dressed like males and should not have the hair cut resembling males as it will bring poverty to the native's place and the native's spouse should not remain barefooted.

These people having Shukra in sixth bhava should marry the one having brothers. These people should not ever leave their works incomplete. It is beneficial if the native's wife wears gold clips over her hair.

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