Venus in 2nd house by - Effects of the placements of Venus planet in Second house, Shukra in 2nd bhava

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Venus in 2nd House| Shukra in 2nd Bhava| Venus in Second house

The planet Venus or Shukra is a benefic presence which brings most of the goodness to the human lives as it is the giver of comfort and luxuries in life through either of the way. Venus or Shukra keeps the path of the native quiet easier towards growth besides which it is the giver of charm and fortune.

People with Venus in 2nd house are perceived to possess a good affluence besides which they are believed to possess materialistic wealth upon land for which they could also get very much involved in materialistic pleasures. These natives would be very much inclined towards making money and will use most of their intellect and endeavor for the same.

The natives of this placement of Venus in 2nd house will carry a high taste and vision for all kinds of items as they will select only few which would possess worthy quality and will be admired by most of around. Besides this, these natives possess an artistic and creative blend which could become another way for earning wealth for them. On the other part, the natives with Shukra in second house will have a very melodious voice along with their charming and attractive style over words to impress everyone around.

The natives of this placement Venus in second house should not appear wicked to others as that would bring harms to the native besides which he/she should not have a Shermukhi house that is house with wider front. They should not have any business associated with gold while the profession linked with earthen stuff, agriculture and animal will be benefic.

Placement of Venus in second house could also lead towards infertility for which the natives should have honey and saunf and should feed cows with potatoes colored in yellow turmeric and should donate two kg Cow's ghee in temples for reducing the malefic effects. These natives should stay away from adultery.

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