Venus in 11th house by - Effects of the placements of Venus planet in Eleventh house, Shukra in 11th bhava

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Venus in 11th House| Shukra in 11th Bhava| Venus in Eleventh house

The planet Venus is one of the most auspicious presence in the astrological arena as it provides benefic results in general. The arrival of Venus in the 11th house would bestow great social presence and attributes to the natives besides which they would lead a life with good wealth & position.

The natives born with Venus in 11th house would be bestowed with good heights of social & professional arena along with the strong financial stature. They will be efficient enough to maintain strong social relationships and they will be truly benefited from friends and social relationships around.

They would remain involved in group activities and would carry great attributes of catering and services which would further strengthen their bonds. Their social involvement would help them in their professional growth as well

These natives having Venus in eleventh house are free souls in relationships as they would possess good relations around but they need to keep the relationship at a interesting surrounding for keeping it alive. These people would find their partners through groups as they value togetherness of group and their involvement.

The 11th house in the horoscope chart gets impacted with the planet Saturn & Jupiter for which the native would receive the combined results of these planets upon Venus here in this house. The natives of this placement having Shukra in eleventh bhava should pursue the remedies of planet Mercury for the betterment and should donate oil on Saturdays. These people should drink milk after dipping a hot piece of gold in it.

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