Venus in 7th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Venus in Seventh house, Shukra in 7th bhava

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Venus in 7th House| Shukra in 7th Bhava| Venus in Seventh house

The planet Venus or Shukra is the giver of righteous approach along with charm in the human lives while the placement of planet Venus in 7th house would bring the same shades into the relationships of the native. The natives of this placement of Venus in seventh house would carry a serious & sincere approach towards relationships as specially towards marriage and would be the givers in relationships.

They would carry very peaceful and harmonious relationships upon land and would develop strong & deep bonds with those around as indeed with almost most of around for which they are perceived to possess many true friends in their life. The most of the credit for having so many strong relations in life would be given to these natives only as they truly deserve it. In the same way, they would have a very well balanced conjugal path.

The natives of this placement of Venus in 7th house give immense significance to their relationships as they are the only way to attain mental peace & happiness for them for which they are truly devoted in their relationships and are deeply warm & affectionate to their closed ones. They will put all the efforts to keep the understanding and harmony alive in the relationship but these people are advised to not to bend till the extent of loosing their own existence. The natives of this placement having Shukra in seventh house are quiet hasty in making relationships and this could be a reason for their problems and metal instability at times. Theses people are truly charming and are believed to have charming partners. The people born with Venus in their 7th bhava would also be efficient enough to maintain public relations at a high chore.

The placement of Venus in the 7th house is perceived to be one of the most auspicious placements and the one which brings most of benefic results to the native. If any inimical planet to Venus gets placed in the 1st house as if Rahu would be in first house then, the native's spouse and his/her household affairs would get adversely affected. The native would waste his/her wealth over opposite gender and could turn towards immoral path if other planetary placements won't support this placement.

The natives of this placement having Shukra in seventh bhava would be truly benefited if they would pursue any business associated with marriage ceremony, parlor, tent house or something that would play a role in marriages. These people will be benefited by any kind of association with one eyed and black women.

The natives of this placement should possess cows as pets in their home and should serve red cows. Donating Jawar equal to the weight of your spouse in a temple will also bring you benefits. Besides this, the natives of this placement should throw blue flowers in a dirty canal for 43days.

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