Venus in 4th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Venus in Fourth house, Shukra in 4th bhava

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Venus in 4th House| Shukra in 4th Bhava| Venus in Fourth house

The presence of planet Venus in 4th house makes the person true believer of peace for which the native will keep the peace high at home besides which he/she would lead life with a balanced composure of mind.

The natives of this placement of Venus in 4th house are truly attached to their homes and seek for the happiness at home. They are the born admirers of beauty and born creative personas for which they wish for the same beautification of their homes and put all possible efforts for the same besides which they will also feel pride for and admire the decoration of their home. They could also be inclined towards interior decoration.

These people having Shukra in fourth house are truly humanitarian and are emotionally attached to their land which emerges as their patriotic love at times. Besides this, there would be very deep relations at home with parents and specially with partner upon whom the native would depend mentally. Besides this, the native could also have two marriages.

The natives of this placement having Venus in fourth house are believed to possess good affluence while the appearance of Jupiter in 10th bhava with this placement will bring some adverse impacts. He/she should not pursue any business associated with Mercury while the profession relating to Mars will bring positive impacts.

They should not construct their house above or over the well as it will bring much problems in having a son. Placement of Jupiter in 1st bhava along with this placement will bring continuous conflicts with mother in law.

For the betterment in life, the native having Shukra in 4th house should remarry his/her spouse after changing her/his name in a formal manner. The native should keep the roof of the house well managed and organized for the well being of the spouse. Offering rice, silver and milk in the running water as well as dipping the stuff of Jupiter like gram, pulses and kesar in river is also beneficial. One should feed the motherly figures with kheer for keeping the peace with mother in law.

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