Venus in 12th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Venus in Twelfth house, Shukra in 12th bhava

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Venus in 12th House| Shukra in 12th Bhava| Venus in Twelfth house

Venus is one of the most auspicious celestial presence which appears to be beneficial for most of the times for the human life. The placement of Venus in 12th house would bring positive impacts upon the life path and would keep a balance in between the expenses and income of the person.

The natives of this placement would be very much reserved and secretive as they would be shy enough to express their real core. They are not weak from inside but they feel peaceful in solitude and attain satisfaction by spending time with one self. They are emotional & sensitive but are mentally strong to keep a balance in between.

The natives of this placement having Shukra in twelfth house would be truly affectionate and generous in attitude and would quiet easily trust upon people for which people could make use of your innocence at times for which they could get hurt quiet often. They won't get the worth of their affection, trueness and sacrifices in relationships. These people could fall in love with wrong people.

The arrival of Venus in 12th house would be truly beneficial as it will bless the native with a true life partner who would stand by him/her all the times as would defend the native from variant harms. The native would be truly benefited at taking helps from women as they will prove to be truly advantageous for them.

The malefic placement of Venus in twelfth house would cause health problems to the spouse of the native. The placement of Mercury in 2nd bhava or 6th bhava would bring poetic & literary attributes to the native but it will come along with some health hurdles for the person. These natives would attain true heights of spirituality around the age of 59 and would lead a good life for around 96 years.

The natives of this placement of Shukra in twelfth house should pay respect & love to the spouse specially if the other one is wife as that will bring goodness to home. The spouse of the native should bury blue flowers at the time of sunset for betterment in health and should stay involved in charity as that will keep the native safe. Donating Cows will be truly beneficial for the natives.

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