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Rahu in 9th house| Dragon's Head in 9th bhava| Rahu in Ninth house

The placement of Rahu in the horoscope chart is many times a harsh placement which is believed to bring adverse impacts for most of the times. Here in 9th house also Rahu would bring some adverse impacts as leaving some negative shades upon the native's life.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in 9th house would be quiet unstable at the core and would lack at the true understanding of life and the world. They would not be completely true and honest from the core due to which they would confront some hurdles and difficulties in life. Besides this, the natives of this placement won't possess good relations with people around or would have only few relations in life.

The people of this placement of Rahu in 9th house would be somewhat against spirituality and won't be truly believe upon divine presence besides which they are far away from the arena of philosophy. They could even be found upon the immoral path while in true they themselves won't be able to see the difference between the wrong and right.

The natives born with Rahu in ninth house would receive benefits and reduction in malefic effects of Rahu if they would maintain strong and pleasing relations with brothers and sisters and would keep them near. Besides this, not being spiritual would also affect the progeny of the native in an adverse way and his/her progeny would appear to be useless for the person. These natives are advised to pursue the professions associated with Saturn as that will take them towards great heights.

The placement of Jupiter in 5th & 11th bhava along with this placement would leave the native deserted from the positive impacts of Jupiter besides which the malefic placement of Rahu in ninth house would create much impediments in having a Son and that would be further enhanced if he/she would file any court case against anyone in blood relation.

The empty 1st and 9th bhava would bring some health problems to the person and would bring lack of peace of mind besides which it can bring defamation to the person and insult specially from elders. These people should put a saffron tilak over head as a daily routine in the morning and should wear gold for betterment. They should keep a dog at home for reducing the malefic effects of Rahu and should keep pleasant relations with the in-laws for benefic impacts upon one's life.

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