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Rahu in 3rd house| Dragon's Head in 3rd bhava| Rahu in Third house

The shadow planet Rahu is believed to be one of the most malefic presence in the astrological arena but it also appears benefic at times as depending upon the planetary placements. The third house belongs to planet Mercury and is affected by the planet Mars for which it would be impacted by the placements of Mercury and Mars in the horoscope chart.

If the shadow planet Rahu gets benefic placement then, the native having Rahu in 3rd house will enjoy a good life surrounded with all the comforts and pleasures as they will attain good affluence and a remarkable place in professional as well as personal arena while there would be a admirable growth in the 22nd yr of his/her life.

Besides this, the pleasant appearance of Rahu in 3rd house will bring them longevity as well. Apart from this, these natives will possess much valor and vigor along with true loyalty inside. They will defeat their enemies and will stay at the safer side and won't carry any debt as he/she will desert much wealth behind.

On the other hand, the malefic placement of Rahu in third house will bring losses to the native as the brothers and relatives will waste his/her money and people won't return his/her money once borrowed. The native will lack at the side of communication skills and he/she won't be able to speak impressively besides which the evil impacts of Rahu could take the person against the spirituality and moral path.

Besides this, the placement of Sun & Mercury along with Rahu will make his/her sister widow in 22nd or 32 yrs of the native's life. the native should keep the stuff of ivory near for reducing the malefic effects of the placement.

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