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Rahu in 2nd house| Dragon's Head in 2nd bhava| Rahu in Second house

The shadow planet Rahu is perceived to be one of the most malefic presence who brings most of the difficulties and hurdles to the native's life while the arrival of Rahu in second house will bring good affluence and strong position to the native as if other planetary placements will also support then it could take the person towards a royal and aristocratic life.

People born with Rahu in 2nd house are believed to possess a long path of life. Besides this, if the placement of Rahu is adversely impacted by other planetary placements then, the native could confront a poor life with bad times at family where agony and problems would prevail and intestinal disorders are also possible.

The native having Rahu in 2nd house would not be able to save money and could turn towards evil deeds besides which, these natives possess danger from weapon and theft.

These natives having rahu in second bhava won't carry much effective eloquence besides which these natives would not have any impressive presence upon others. They should keep a solid silver ball in the pocket for reducing malefic effects of Rahu and should pay all the respect and services to their mother and motherly women. The native should not take any electric equipment from in-laws.

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