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Rahu in 6th house| Dragon's Head in 6th bhava| Rahu in Sixth house

The shadow planet Rahu is perceived to be a malefic presence in general but depending upon the planetary placements in the horoscope chart, it can also appear pleasant at times. The placement of Rahu in 6th house would bring some positive impacts upon the native's life.

The sixth house is ruled by planet Mercury and Ketu and here Ketu gets exalted for which it will bring pleasant results to the native. This placement of Rahu in 6th house would bestow gains to the person and there would be good affluence at the native's home. Apart from this, the native having Rahu in sixth house would make a lot of lavish spending and specially over the clothing. They will lead a very comfortable and amusing life altogether.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in sixth house won't have much work pressure neither they would take worries at work as they will remain calm and fun-loving even at work but their intellect would take them towards good heights in the professional arena. He/she won't be needed to put much efforts and hard work to grow besides which they will triumph over most of the hurdles and emerge safe at work place.

Apart from this, the malefic placement of Rahu in 6th house would bring problems to the native's brothers and friends while the placement of Mercury or Mars in the 12th house will be another reason for the malefic effects to the native. This adverse placement could lead to loss of wealth and health problems to the native. Sneezing while going to work will be a sign of bad results for these natives.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in 6th house should keep a black dog at home for the betterment in life and should keep a lead nail in the pocket for most of the times. He/she should never harm his/her brothers & sisters.

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