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Rahu in 5th house | Dragon's head in 5th bhava | Rahu in fifth house

The Shadow planet Rahu is a well perceived malefic celestial presence but its placement gets impacted by other planetary placements in the horoscope chart which could make it appear beneficial as well as adverse at times. This would come out with the picture of progeny, love and education of these natives.

The pleasant placement of Rahu in fifth house would bless the native with good affluence and wiser blend in attitude which would take them towards good growth upon land. These people would be truly spiritual and philosophical in their approach and would carry a learned personality. The natives having Rahu in 5th house would lead a pleasant and respected life and would be endowed with peace & persistence.

The malefic placement of Rahu in fifth bhava would bring some of the adverse impact and bitterness in the native's life with the major obstacle of problems in the birth of child or abortions besides this after the birth of the Son, the spouse's health would suffer for continuous 12yrs. Apart from this, the placement of Jupiter along with Rahu in 5th house would result in problems to the native's father.

The natives of this placement should keep along or wear an elephant made of silver like a pendant for most of the time as it will reduce the adverse impacts of this placement besides which the person you stay away from alcohol, non vegetarian food and adultery for his/her whole life. These natives should formally remarry their spouse as it will defend their first marriage from perceived breakage and failure.

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