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Rahu in 4th house| Dragon's Head in 4th bhava| Rahu in Fourth house

The Fourth house is ruled by the Moon while Rahu is the natural enemy of Moon but other planetary placements in the horoscope chart could turn this placement either positive or negative.

The benefic placement of Rahu in 4th house would bring intellect and intelligence to the native as taking him/her towards the heights of success besides bringing lumps of affluence at home. The natives having Rahu in fourth house will spend money over good things besides which visiting pilgrims will be very much positive for the person.

Apart from this, the pleasing placement of Venus in the horoscope chart will bring good wealth to the native's in-laws after his/her marriage.

The exalted placement of Moon, will bring supreme financial heights to the person besides which profession and relations related to planet Mercury would be another reason for the benefits.

On the other part, the malefic placement of Rahu in 4th house will make the Moon weaker and will bring poverty and miseries to the person. This will also affect the native's mother adversely.

In the end, the natives having Rahu in fourth house should wear silver in any form and should offer 400gm coriander or almonds or both in the flowing water.

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