Saturn in 6th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Saturn in Sixth house, Shani in 6th bhava

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Saturn in 6th house| Shani in 6th Bhava| Saturn in Sixth house

The planet Saturn or Shani is a strong celestial presence and is an explicit expression of firmness for which the arrival of Saturn in sixth house of horoscope chart would bestow all the hard shades of the planet to the aspects of this house. Saturn or Shani will play a major role in the life of the native.

The native of Saturn in 6th house would carry a very serious and sincere approach towards work besides which they are strongly hard working and determined personalities upon land. These people are concerned about even little aspects at work for which they would be handling heavy responsibilities besides which there would be much work pressure upon the native. These people are quiet workaholic in attitude as they will only think of work and not even little about their comfort and well being. They will accomplish all of their work well and by their own.

The natives of this placement of Saturn in 6th house strictly ask for sincerity at work from others as they don't want any kind of fun at work besides which they lack the flexibility and carry a firm attitude at work. They put all of their endeavor at work and wants others also to do the same. The severe & stern attitude of these natives at work place would be the major cause of some bitter relations around. They would carry unreasonable worries and would also face some health problems as well.

The natives of this placement of Saturn in sixth house should marry after 28yrs of their age as it would be a pleasing conjugal path then. The natives should pursue the works related to Saturn at night as it will bring true benefits to the person. Besides this, the benefic placement of Ketu would bestow strong affluence along with beneficial journeys and would endow him/her with a blissful and satisfied life with family.

People having malefic placement of Shani in sixth bhava should not bring stuff related to Saturn like leather and iron products as it will bring adverse impacts to the person. He/she should serve black dogs and should offer them meals with love as it will bring the blessings of Saturn to the person. These natives should serve snakes for the welfare of children and should offer coconut and almonds in the running water.

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